The history of the guesthouse

You will learn the history of the house below the first picture.

Villa Greta - Agnes and Paul Wittwer

Agnes and Paul Wittwer – great-grandparents of the owners of Villa Greta.

At the end of 19th century, the family of Paul and Agnes Wittwer came into possession of Villa Greta.
They had 12 children. Among others, they had a daughter named Margareta. After the Second World War, the Lower Silesia became the part of Poland, and a German woman, Greta fell in love with a Polish soldier – Sybirak – Janek Kowalski. When the whole family of Greta were expulsed to Germany, Janek hid his beloved one at the attic at his friends’ house in the neighbouring village and went to Warsaw to obtain permission to marry a German woman.
He succeeded in that.

Villa Greta history

Greta Wittwer and Janek Kowalski – grandparents of the owners of Villa Greta.

They settled in the house of the Wittwer family. Janek and Greta Kowalscy lived long and happily. They managed to bring up 5 children and a multitude of grandchildren. I, Krzysiek Rozpędowski, am one of them. The name of the house “Villa Greta” is therefore a reminiscence of Grandma Greta.

Guesthouse with history Poland

Villa Greta in 1912. Still in Kleinhelmsdorf. That was the name of Dobków before the war.

Accommodation Poland mountains

Villa Greta in 2007. Already in the village of Dobków.

Who are we?

I met my wife Ewelina during my travels. We met at the railway station in Quetta in Pakistan. Since then, we travel together. Before we realised that Poland is really beautiful, we visited many countries on several continents.

Ewelina and Krzysztof Rozpędowscy

Ewelina and Krzysztof Rozpędowski

After graduation, we decided to use our experience and create a place, in which a man feels the closeness to nature, overcome by the magic of the place, the magic of tradition…

We created Villa Greta guest house. We received the first guests in 2005. A lot has changed since then. Probably the most important change was the birth of our children, Tosia in 2007 and Tymek in 2010. Since then, we do our best to make our home the most friendly place for families with children.

Tosia Tymek Rozpędowscy

Tosia and Tymek Rozpędowski.