Agates, amethysts, quartzs, gold and other minerals of the Kaczawskie Mountains and Foothills:


Agates in Poland

Agate found in the village of Nowy Kościół next to Złotoryja and Świerzawa.

Agat z Płóczek Górnych

Agate found in the village of Płóczki Górne next to Lwówek Śląski in the Jizera Foothills.

Agaty, Nowy Kościół

Agates found in the village of Nowy Kościół appear most frequently in the rock known as rhyolite (used to be known as porphyry).

Agaty na Pogórzu Kaczawskim

Agates found in the Kaczawskie Foothills are extremely diverse.

Agaty w Polsce

Kaczawskie Mountains and Foothills are one of the richest agate deposits in Europe.

Agaty Dolny Śląsk

Agates found in the Piekiełko Valley in the area of Różana.

Agat chalcedon

Agate is a variety of  chalcedony. Those found in the village of Płóczki Górne are frequently filled with chalcedony without ribbons characteristic to agates.


Beautiful agate found 12km from Villa Greta.

Minerały Gór Kaczawskich

The Kaczawskie Mountains is a paradise for geologists.

Agaty z kolekcji Villi Greta

Agate from Villa Greta’s collection.

Agat Sokołowiec

Agate found in the village of Sokołowiec.

Sudety - minarały

Gemstones have imaginative shapes and colours. They are beautiful and before cutting each gemestone is a surprize.

Agat Nowy Kościół

Agat ametyst

Amethyst, rock crystals and other quartzs can be often found inside the agate.

ametyst z Polski

Amethyst from the Kaczawskie Foothills. The village of Kwietniki is located 9km from Villa Greta.

Szczotka kwarcytowa

Quartz from geode found in the village of Gozdyn at the Kaczwskie Foothills.

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