Villa Greta surroundings

Villa Greta is located in Dobkow, a picturesque
village in the Sudetes.

Hotel in Poland

Villa Greta in Mai.

Cosy hotel in Poland

Villa Greta is a cosy hotel in Poland.

Mleczna droga

The Milky Way over Villa Greta.

Najlepsza agroturystyka na Dolnym Śląsku

Villa Greta is a classic quadrilateral layout characteristic of the Lower Silesia, which until recently served as a farm.

Hotel z dużym placem zabaw

A grass labirynth in the playground.

Villa Greta i Dom Arnolda

Villa Greta: 9 rooms and a restaurant and Arnold’s House: 4 family apartments and two intimate banquet rooms: 42m² and 32m² .

Miejsce na ognisko

A place for bonfire in the old orchard.

Agroturystyka województwo dolnośląskie

Villa Greta in summer. The view of the house from the garden.

Gościniec przyjazny rodzinom z dziećmi

In winter, you need to have winter tyres in Dobków. Snow chains are not necessary. All roads are well cleared of snow. Winter holidays offer.

Dolny Śląsk agroturystyka

Just before the Polish gold autumn. The picture presents how deep the Bukownica Valley, separating the Kaczawskie Mountains from the Katshavian Foothills, is.

Agroturystyka Villa Greta

The view from windows of Villa Greta to the East. Dobków is a very green village. Maples and limewoods create the dream gold autumn.

Gościniec Dolny Śląsk

The old coach house in autumn atmosphere.