Polish village Dobków from the Land of Extinct Volcanoes

Download the map of attractions of Dobków: pdf, 6Mb

Polish village Dobkow

Dobków is the typical chain village in the Sudetes, which means that it is located along the stream.

Dom przysłupowy

One of the oldest houses in the village. It is the only house with the umgebinde construction in Dobków.

Wieś sudecka

The modern interactive educational centre – the Sudetic Geoscience Centre – 400m from Villa Greta.

Kościół w Dobkowie

Saint Giles Church in Dobków.

Wulkany w Polsce

The observation point – “3 volcanism periods“.

Dobków - kolorowe przystanki

One of bus stops in Dobków painted by children and teenagers.

Kapliczki w Dobkowie

There is a 8-kilometre long Shrine Trail marked in Dobków.

Atrakcje Dobkowa

All attractions of the village are marked on the map of Ecomuseum, which you can find next to three bus stops.

Dobków wieś w Sudetach

The view from one of windows in our house. Autumn in Dobków is particularly picturesque season of the year.

Dobków - szlaki turystyczne

2 tourist trails: green and black lead through Dobków. It is possible to make a 13-kilometre long loop.

Dobków - ceramika

Ceramics from Dobków. There are 3 ceramic workshops and galleries.