are served in the buffet form from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Breakfast at Villa Greta

Breakfast at Villa Greta. It is slightly different in every season of the year.

Polish cuisine breakfast

Quark from Dobków in herbal brine

Healthy breakfast in Poland

We buy eggs in our village. They come from hens who do not know what cage growing means. See our suppliers.

Polish restaurant lard

Polish cuisine – freshly rendered lard :-)

Tasty breakfast in Poland

There are always two hot starters for breakfast

Traditional Polish breakfast

Very traditional dishes often appear on the table.

Vege breakfast Poland

We never forget about vegetarians, vegans, people on diets: gluten-free, milk-free, lactose-free and others…

Fresh Polish products

Most products come from our homestead and from producers in the area.

Polish smoked meats

We buy meats at the small butcher’s, in which smoking process is still based on the fruit tree smoke, and meat is bought from local farmers.

Breakfast salad in Poland

Mediterranean tastes appear often at Villa Greta.

Polish healthy fresh bread

Spelt bread from Radzimowice.

Really Polish cuisine

We buy meats at the small butcher’s near Jawor.

Solid breakfast in Poland

Even Englishman will find something for himself :-)

Regional bread for breakfast

We serve several types of bread for breakfast.

Very Polish breakfast

Breakfasts are a showpiece of Villa Greta :-)

Crispy bread for breakfast

We often serve bread from the old bread oven baked by Ms Aniela from Pomocne.

Regional cuisine Polish breakfast

Breakfast is a meal which is most often mentioned by our guests. It is based on regional cuisine in accordance with the idea of slow food.

Polish breakfast specialties

The breakfast buffet at Villa Greta. It is open everyday from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Try Polish cuisine

Polish cuisine – breakfast.