Dinner dishes

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Polish cuisine restaurant

Pork tenderloin with potato puree and salad from beetroots.

Good restaurant in Poland

Duck breast with red cabbage and spelt groats.

Tasting menu at Villa Greta

Cold smoked eco goose breast and seven other tastes. Tasting menu offer

Creamy beetroot soup

Creamy baked beetroot soup with goat cheese


Bigos (meat and cabbage stew) with venison

Good Polish restaurant

Roasted meat stewed in red wine with potato pancakes and brined cucumbers. Potatoes and cucumbers come from our crops, and meat from the small butcher’s near Jawor. Villa Greta is the slow food restaurant.

Nettle soup

Creamy nettle soup. We serve this soup from April to June.

Real tastes of Poland

Boletes from Katshava forests. During the time for picking mushrooms we serve them in many ways :-)

Asparagus in Poland

Asparagus in pork loin and bacon with tomato salsa and toasted bread.

Polish cucumbers

We make our brined cucumbers from our products. Several pictures from preparing brined cucumbers.

Typical Polish dinner

The classic kotlet schabowy (pork cutlet coated with breadcrumbs) from meat from the small butcher’s in Jawor served with potatoes from our farmstead.

Restaurant Polish cuisine

Tastes of childhood, that is young potatoes with butter and dill, butter, fried eggs from pecking hens in Dobków and young cabbage.

Restaurant in Polish mountains

Trout form Bolkowice with vegetables from the pan and a choice of salads.

Pancakes in Poland

Pancakes with quark from our neighbour – Ms Longina.

Best pancakes in Poland

Pancakes with preserve from fruits found in our orchard.

Try Polish cuisine

Duck breast is served also with millet grouts with pumpkin seed crumble. Pumpkin seeds come from the eco farmstead in the Kłodzko Valley.

Tasty Polish cuisine

Beef roulade with white buckwheat grouts and salad from beetroots. Meat comes from the small butcher’s near Jawor, grouts from the eco farmstead in the Kłodzko Valley, and beetroots from our vegetable garden.

Regional tastes in Poland

Pork knuckle in beer with sauerkraut. Cabbage for sauerkraut grew on Villa Greta’s fields :-). The restaurant is 25 minutes by car from Jelenia Góra.

Healthy salad in Poland

Greta’s salad – lettuce, tomatoes, courgette and sauce from raspberries from our garden, beef from the nearby butcher’s. Villa Greta restaurant is only 15 minutes by car from Złotoryja.

Original tastes in Poland

Pork loin roulade coated in dill seeds from our herbal garden. Villa Greta restaurant is only 24 km from Jawor :-)

Children's favourite food

Minced meat cutlets are one of children’s favourite dishes. At Villa Greta, we prepare mince meat cutlets from pork shoulder. The restaurant is 5km from Świerzawa.

Delicious Polish cuisine

Spare ribs with barley or buckwheat groats. It is up to you :-)

Polish restaurant near Wroclaw

Poultry starter. A light dish children eat gladly.

Natural tastes in Poland

Broth made with three types of meat with homemade pasta from flour from Skokowa – our cyclic dish. It is always served on Sunday.

Traditional Polish restaurant

Bombs (potato dumplings) stuffed with meat served with fried cabbage. The recipe comes from Ewelina’s grandma from the Opoczno region.

Original Polish recipes

We often serve baked gołąbki (cabbage leaves stuffed with meat and groats) with celeriac salad :-)

Onion soup in Poland

Onion soup with croutons.

Tasty beef goulash

Beef goulash at Villa Greta, the best restaurant in the Lower Silesia.

Original Polish soup

Cabbage soup – of course made with sauerkraut prepared with a little help from our guests :-) at Villa Greta.

Polish restaurant healthy food

Come to our restaurant in which we do not use flavour enhancers, and taste and smell are created by herbs from our herbal garden.

Mushroom soup in Poland

Mushroom soup – from mushrooms collected in Katshava forests.

Traditional Polish soup

Żurek. Usually, it is served with pierogis at Villa Greta.