Orchards, vegetable garden, herbal garden

We buy many products also from our close and distant neighbours

Slow food restaurant in Poland

Our backyard garden

Natural food Polish restaurant

Orchards at Villa Greta. We make delicious preserves from apples, plums, gooseberries found here.

Polish restaurant with garden

Lettuces in various colours and jaggednesses.

Real slow-food restaurant in Poland

Once a year, children with their parents help us prepare sauerkraut and brined cucumbers.

Healthy meals Polish restaurant

Children can help us collect fruit and vegetables: cucumbers, carrots, beetroots, parsleys, broad beans…

We grow our herbs

The backyard herbal garden.

Herbs used at Villa Greta

The herbal garden next to Villa Greta. The picture presents chives, two species of mint, lovage…

Slow food Polish mountains

The vegetable garden next to Villa Greta is the achievement of seniors of the family :-)

Holidays in healthy environment

Currant in bloom. In near future, its fruits will be used for delicious cake or compote.

Restaurant with herbs Poland

Meals at Villa Greta are seasoned with herbs and natural spices. We do not use flavour enhancers.

Potatoes for our restaurant

Potato harvesting.

Polish potatoes restaurant

Collected potatoes will land in the cellar. They will suffice till the next spring.

Experience beautiful nature Poland

The apple tree in bloom. Apples from this tree taste best in October.

Villa Greta slow-food philosophy

At Villa Greta, our cooking is based on the slow-food philosophy which means that we cook with regional products, often produced in our own farmstead or in farmsteads of our neighbours.

Tomatoes in Poland

We need tomatoes for our slow food restaurant :-)