For vegetarians, vegans, people on a diet

Upon request we prepare meals which are gluten-free, lactose-free, without indicated allergens

Vegetarian restaurant in Poland

Courgette stuffed with lentils and white buckwheat groats

Delicious nettle soup

Nettle soup

Vege cuisine in Poland

Vege Gołąbki – cabbage leaves stuffed with white buckwheat groats and vegetables

Beetroot soup

Creamy baked beetroot soup with goat cheese

Vegetarian restaurant in Poland

Spinach and cheese tart. Villa Greta is not a classic vegetarian restaurant. However, vegetarians and vegans will always find something for themselves in the menu or to order at our chef’s.

Vege food in Poland

Villa Greta is the seasonal restaurant. Each month brings new surprises to our menu :-)

Slow food in Poland

The dish “Tastes of childhood” is a spring classic. Young potatoes from Villa Greta’s fields with fried eggs from pecking hens in Dobkow, fried young cabbage and sour milk from Ms Longina.

Polish vegetarian tastes

Russian pierogis are made from quark from our neighbour and potatoes from our own farmstead. It is difficult to find better pierogis in this part of Poland :-)

Polish vege food

Pancakes with quark from our neighbour in Dobków and raspberry sauce from raspberries from Andrzej Rzeszut’s plantation :-)

Healthy tastes in Poland

From time to time, we search for inspiration in the Mediterranean cuisine…

Vegetarian meals Polish restaurant

… or in Indian cuisine. The picture presents vegetable cutlets with oriental spices.

Best vegetarian meals in Poland

Villa Greta also serves seasonal dishes.

Simple, tasty food in Poland

Sometimes, we serve the simplest dishes. For example, potato pancakes with sauce from fresh forest mushroom from Katshavian forests and salad from our brined cucumbers.

Gluten-free restaurant in Poland

In September and October, the time comes for peppers :-). Below hats, you will find stewed lentils with oriental spices.

Best pierogis in Poland

We often serve pierogis stuffed with fruits. Depending on the season of the year, these include strawberries, sweet cherries, blackberries, purple plums. We most often prepare cream and cinammon sauce for sweet pierogis.

Vege meals at Villa Greta

Ukrainian borsch (beetroot and cabbage soup). For vegetarians, we prepare soups with butter without using meat stock.

Gluten-free cuisine in Poland

Tomato soup decorated with parsley – of course from our home herbal garden.

Vegetarian bean soup in Poland

Bean soup with green beans, carrot, potatoes, herbs from our vegetable garden.