…the first flowers, juicy grass, birdsong…

Wiosna w Sudetach

Spring in Dobków.

Spring in the mountains

Spring in the mountains. The view from the Widok Pass to the North to the Katshava Foothills.

Wiosna w Sudetach

Spring wild flowers in the Mysliborz Ravine.

Męcinka agroturystyka

The view from Mt. Górzec to Męcinka. Męcinka is a village with the history which is as unusual as the history of Dobków.

Góry Kaczawskie najlepsza agroturystyka

The Katshava Mountains are rarely visited by tourists. In spring, there are even fewer of them :-). In these mountains, you should definitely say hello to a tourist approaching you on the trail.

Góry agroturystyka

Villa Greta in spring. May is perhaps the most beautiful month in Dobków.

Góry Kaczawskie wiosną

In spring, everything brings joy: smell, taste, panorama and detail :-)

Gospodarstwo agroturystyczne w górach

The spring view of Dobków with its original Sudetic architecture. It has not changed for several decades. The picture taken from the tower of St Giles Church.

Spring in the mountains

Spring in the mountains.

Agroturystyka Góry Kaczawskie.

The Katshava Mountains, and particularly their Eastern Range, are wild mountains.


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