…colours, ripe fruits in the orchard, potato harvesting…

Łykend w górach


Autumn in the mountains

Autumn in the mountains, only 100km from Wrocław. The view from Dobków to Mt. Ostrzyca.

Łykend w Dobkowie

In Dobków, the village in the Sudetes.

Łykend na Dolnym Śląsku

The Chełmy Landscape Park, which covers a large part of the Katshava Foothills, is full of very picturesque corners.

Jesień w Sudetach

Autumn at Villa Greta.

Weekend w górach

The Katshava Mountains in autumn. The view from Radzimowice to peaks: Miłek, Połom, and the highest in the Katshava Mountains: Skopiec and Baraniec.

Weekend góry

Autumn in Dobków is very magical because of numerous sycamores and maples.

 Gdzie na weekend

The view from windows of Villa Greta.

Weekend okolice Wrocławia

The road to Villa Greta in autumn becomes a gold trail. The picture taken 30m from Greta.

Weekend na wsi

In Dobków, even autumn is doubly colorful. This is one of “fairytale bus stops” in Ecomuseum.

Gdzie na weekend okolice Wrocławia

The Katshava Mountains, beautiful, mysterious, peaceful and safe.


Potato harvesting at Villa Greta