…the pure whiteness, rime, sleigh rides, mulled wine and sledges

Winter in Poland

A sleigh ride at Villa Greta.

Gdzie na ferie zimowe

There are signposts leading to Villa Greta. They are better than google-maps :-)

Ferie zimowe z dziećmi

The Katshava Mountains and Foothills are large uninhabited land spaces…

Ferie zimowe z dzieckiem

Villa Greta is located in the deep Bukownica valley, which separates the Katshava Mountains from the Katshava Foothills.

Ferie zimowe w polskich górach

Winter holidays with children, far from crowded resorts in the Giant Mountains.

Ferie z rodziną

There are many walking trails in Dobków, and there are several pairs of sledges at Villa Greta.

Kulig dolnośląskie

Where to go for a sleigh ride in the Lower Silesia?

Ferie w górach

The playground at Villa Greta. Even in winter, it is very popular among children.

Ferie zimowe Dolny Śląsk

Villa Greta – our sledges and courtyard. It is easy to get to Dobków. You do not need snow chains, only winter tyres are necessary. Roads are well cleared of snow.

Ferie z małym dzieckiem

Early in the morning. In a moment, children will start treading new paths :-)

Zima w Sudetach

Villa Greta is located in the commune of Swierzawa, Zlotoryja district, the Lower Silesia Voivodeship, and geographically, in the Katshava Mountains which are a part of the Western Sudetes.


A way from Villa Greta to Ski Arena Łysa Góra