Arado Project – Hitler’s lost laboratory. Directed sightseeing of undergrounds in Kamienna Góra.

Arado Project

Arado Project offers guided tours according to the director’s plan with frequent modifications of the scenario.


  • 15 November – 15 April
  • 16 April do 14 November
  • in March-April and October-December, waiting time for a guide depends on the intensity of touristic traffic, maximum of 30 minutes.


  • the complex is located in the centre of Kamienna Góra
  • car parks are approximately 20-200 metres away from the complex
  • the visit in the complex takes about 50 minutes
  • visitors are admitted to the underground only with a guide (included in ticket price).
  • warm clothes are recommended, as the temperature underground reaches 7 degrees Celsius and the humidity inside reaches 98%
  • the route is adapted to the age of visitors


  • adult – PLN 17 (€4)
  • concessionary – PLN 12 (€3)
  • family – PLN 12 (€3) for child, PLN 15 (€4) for adult (at least 2 children and 2 adults)
  • Large Family Card holders – PLN 12/person (€3)
  • guide fee included in the ticket price


Zwiedzanie kompleksu Arado

Treasures from World War 2 are exhibited in the underground. Some of them are absolutely unique.

Podziemia Kamienna Góra

The underground is still partially flooded.

Arado - cennik biletów

At the entrance, a commander is chosen—usually it is the youngest visitor..

Projekt Arado ekspozycja sprzętu wojskowego

On the ground above the bunkers, there is a small exhibition of military equipment.

Zwiedzanie podziemii w Kamiennej Górze

German “Geheim” means “top secret”.

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