Beekeeping workshops in Dobkow.

Beekeeping workshops in Dobkow

Beekeeping workshops in Dobkow.

Beekeeping workshops – description

  • introduction to the profession of a beekeeper
  • presentation of all elements of a beehive and instruments used by a beekeeper
  • presentation of bee life cycle performed in a manner attractive and adjusted to the age of recipients
  • explanation of the role of bees in the environment
  • tasting of different types of honey from the apiary
  • for adults, tasting of meads and raspberry wine produced in the apiary
  • there’s a possibility to buy products from the apiary and other regional products on the spot
  • open workshops Creative Summer Holidays
  • open workshops Creative Winter Holidays

Opening hours

  • January – December
  • only after a prior arrangement for groups of minimum 20 people

When workshops take place

  • during summer holidays, winter holidays, long weekends in accordance with the open workshops’ schedule
  • it is possible to arrange workshops individually at any time convenient for both sides
  • SUMMER HOLIDAYS – plan of creative workshop
  • WINTER HOLIDAYS  – plan of creative workshops


  • children 12 PLN/person
  • adults 16 PLN/person
  • minimum group of 20 people

Workshops’ location


  • approx. 1h

Beekeeping workshops Lower Silesia Poland

A beekeeper, Andrzej Rzeszut, during his work.

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