Bolczow Castle – one of the most picturesque places in the Sudetes. Do not confuse it with Bolków Castle.

  • The car park at Karpnicka Pass

    about 1h long walk to Bolczów Castle
    the pass between villages Karpniki and Trzcińsko
    58 – 520 Janowice Wielkie

Bolczów Castle, contact, directions

Bolczow Castle in Poland

Bolczow Castle is hidden in the middle of the forest.


  • there are two ways leading to Bolczów Castle:
    • you can leave your car at the car park at Karpnicka Pass NAVIGATE TO THE PASS, you need to pay for leaving your car at the car park during the season, then walk for about 1h in one direction, at this opportunity you can visit the great viewing point at Sokolik Wielki and Szwajcarka Chalet
    • you can leave your car at the centre of Janowice Wielkie from where you can take green tourist trail leading to Bolczów Castle. To get to Bolczów Castle, you need to walk for about 50 min. from the centre of the village


  • open 24 hours a day :-)
  • there is no constant supervision at Bolczów Castle
  • there is a picnic spot in the ruins where you can make a bonfire
  • please do not leave any wastes in the ruins



Path to Bolczów Castle

The path to Bolczów Castle through the Rudawy beech forest.

Directions to Bolczów Castle

You cannot go to Bolczów Castle by car. You have to go for a 30-minute long walk up the hill.


The interior of Bolczów Castle ruins. The castle was built on natural rocks, and is surrounded by the forest.

Visiting castle Poland

It is the place you need to visit when you are in the Rudawy Mountains.

Visiting Bolczów Castle

The castle courtyard.

Attractions castles Poland

The name of the castle comes from the name of its builder, the knight Clericus Bolz.

Bolczów Castle opening hours

The entrance gate to the castle. Bolczów is open object, there are no visiting hours. You can spend a night at the castle on your own sleeping mat :-).

View from defensive walls

The view from the defensive walls

Bolzenstein Bolczow Castle Poland

Schloß Bolzenstein – Bolczów Castle.

Castle ruins Poland

The side entrance to Bolczów Castle.

In the castle ruins

Visiting Bolczów Castle.


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