Chiropterological workshops – workshops about the life of bats.


Chiropterological workshops poland

Workshops about bats begin in the evening and last till dusk.

Workshops about bats Poland

A bat wintering in caves in Wojcieszow.

Chiropterological workshops – description

  • during these workshops we will observe several species of bats fly over our heads
  • thanks to an ultrasound detector – an electronic “ear” we will hear their echolocation signals
  • we will verify whether myths and legends concerning these unusual animals are true
  • the workshops take place in the field, so you will need weather-appropriate clothing
  • headlamp can be useful, but is not necessary


  • approx. 1,5 h

When workshops take place

  • from spring to autumn, during summer holidays and long weekends in accordance with open workshops’ schedule
  • it is possible to arrange workshops individually at any time convenient for both sides
  • SUMMER HOLIDAYS – plan of creative workshops

Ticket pricelist

  • 25 PLN/person / 6 €
  • family ticket – 80 PLN / 19 €

Workshops’ location

  • the meeting point is at Wielislawka Organ Pipes in Sedziszowa (it is possible to drive directly to the place), 10km from Villa Greta