Cisy Castle (Cieszów, Zeisburg in German) – ruins of the Medieval castle near Książ Castle.

  • Cisy Castle ruins

    Castle near the village of Cisów
    58-316 Cieszów

Cisy Castle, visiting, directions

Cisy Castle - ruins

Cisy Castle



  • ruins are located in Książ Landscape Park, only 3 km from Książ Castle
  • in dry weather:
    – drive to the small village of Cisów
    – turn in the direction of Czyżynka stream
    – it is about 300 m from the stream to the Castle
  • in wet weather:
    – you’d better not drive so close
    – it may turn out that calling for assistance to pull out your car will be necessary
    – you’d better leave your car about 1km from the castle, nearer to Cisów
    – a map will be useful, the castle is poorly marked


  • the admission to the ruins is free

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