Colourful Lakelets – four colourful ponds in Rudawy Mountains, a range in the Sudetes. Kamienna Góra region’s treasure.

Kolorowe Jeziorka, kontakt, dojazd

Colourful Lakelets in Poland

The Purple Lakelet – the second lakelet on the route. The first and the smallest one called the Yellow lakelet periodically dries up. 


  • the attraction is “open” non-stop, admission is free
  • Colourful Lakelets are a part of the green route leading from the village of Wieściszowice to Wielka Kopa Mt. – the highest peak in the eastern part of Rudawy Janowickie
  • time needed to visit the place is about 2h


  • admission to the tourist route is free
  • car park pricelist:
    car 5 – 10PLN (the further from the entrance, the cheaper)
    minibus 20PLN
    coach 30PLN
  • the price for parking your car includes the access to the playground for children, volleyball court and toilets
  • hiring a place for grilling at the Scarlet Lake costs 10PLN



Zwiedzanie Jeziorek

The route is very picturesque.

Jeziorko lazurowe w Rudawskim Parku Krajobrazowym

The Blue Lakelet, is sometimes called the Azure or Emerald Lakelet. The phenomenal view!

Jeziorka w Rudawych Janowickich

The Green Lakelet, the last one on the route, changes into a pond during the drought.

Minerały w Rudawach Janowickich

During the trip, it is worth noticing deposits and crystals on the rock walls.

W Rudawach Janowickich

In May, the Green Lakelet is very picturesque.

Kolorowe Stawy

It is worth having a closer look at moss and lichen.

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