Czartowska Rock – a volcanic neck – one of symbols of the Katshava Mountains and Katshava Foothills. 

  • Czartowska Rock - extinct volcano

    it is located 300m from road No. 365 (route Jawor – Świerzawa)
    between villages of Muchów and Chełmiec
    the hill cannot be unnoticed

Czartowska Rock directions

Czartowska Rock Land of Extinct Volcanoes

Czartowska Rock is a picturesque hill located next to the road between Jawor and Świerzawa.


  • Czartowska Rock is the example of basalt remnants after the volcanic neck from about 5 million years ago
  • it is a hill which is friendly to visit
  • it offers a beautiful view to the Katshava Mountains and Katshava Foothills and the Giant Mountains
  • it is centrally located in Chełmy Landscape Park
  • there is a picnic site at the foot of the mountain
  • it takes 10 – 15 minutes to get the top
  • there is no convenient car park at the foot of the Czartowska Rock, but several cars can easily be left by the access road to the hill
  • in the nearby Muchow you can visit a long forgotten post-German cemetery
  • 300 m from the place you park your car, there is a small closed quarry with the perfect exposure of basalt columns


Extinct volcanoes Poland

Extinct volcanoes in Poland? Visit a place with a view to 3 volcanism periods.

Land of Extinct Volcanoes Poland

Czartowska (Devils) Rock – the Land of Extinct Volcanoes.

Volcanic attractions Poland

The extinct volcano over the village of Pomocne.

Basalt columns at Czartowska Rock

Basalt columns occur here similarly as at Wilkołak Mt. and Small Myślibórz Organs. Perhaps in a slightly less perfect form.

View from Czartowska Rock

The volcano offers a really beautiful view to the Katshava Mountains and Katshava Foothills and, on very clear and sunny days one can see as far as to the Giant Mountains with Śnieżka.

Inactive volcano Poland

The mountain is a very grateful object to photograph. It changes during the year and day :-).

Beautiful place Poland

Deer at the foot of Czartowska Rock.

Old World Swallowtail Poland

A frequent guest at the top of Czartowska Rock in summer – the rare Old World Swallowtail.

View from volcano Poland

And another view from the top of the hill.

Volcanoes Poland - basalt columns

Basalt columns are the volcanism relic from about 10 million years ago.

Extinct volcanoes Poland

Czartowska Rock is a very easy mountain to climb. It is a good trip destination for families with children.

Visiting extinct volcanoes Poland

On the way to the top…

Chełmy Landscape Park

The view to Chełmy Landscape Park with Dobkow, where Villa Greta is located. Czartowska Rock is visible in the right upper corner of the picture.

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