Dinners in Villa Greta

seasonal, local, slow-food

Goose leg confit

Goose leg confit.

The best breaded pork chop

The best breaded pork chop in the Lower Silesia.

Pork tenderloin

Pork tenderloin.

Creamy nettle soup

Creamy nettle soup with quail egg, our spring flagship dish.

Onion soup

Onion soup with croutons.

Beef steak

Beef steak.


Bigos with venison. Traditional dish of Polish cuisine. We serve with our own rye bread.

Beet green soup

Beet green soup.

Tenderloin. Restaurant Zlotoryja

Pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes and red beetroot salad.

Restaurant Lower Silesia

Meat stewed in red wine served with potato pancakes and brined cucumbers. Potatoes and cucumbers come from the surrounding fields.

How to make brined cucumbers

Brined cucumbers come from our cultivation.

Tasty sour rye soup

Sour rye soup. Always on your own sourdough with white sausage and egg from Dobkow.

Mushroom soup

Mushroom soup – from mushrooms collected in the Katshavian forests.

Restaurant Polish mountains

Pork neck with Silesian dumplings and fried cabbage.

Beef stew

Beef stew thick cut.

Recipe for cabbage rolls

Cabbage rolls with white buckwheat groats and pork shoulder are roasted and served with a celeriac salad.

Restaurant Poland

Bombs stuffed with meat and served with fried cabbage. The recipe comes from Ewelina’s grandmother from the Opoczno region.


Broth on three meats with homemade pasta from flour from Skokowa – our cyclical dish. It is always served on Sunday.

Restaurant Legnica

Poultry appetizer. A light dish liked by children.

Restaurant Villa Greta

Ribs with barley or buckwheat groats. To choose from.

Restaurant in Swierzawa

Minced meat cutlets are a dish liked by toddlers. In Greta, minced meat cutlets are prepared from meat from the shoulder.

Restaurant in Zlotoryja

Greta’s salad is most often prepared with our lettuces, may be served with cold smoked duck breast, goat cottage cheese from Myslow or roasted salmon (to choose from).

Pork knuckle

Pork knuckle on beer from Lwowek with sauerkraut and rye bread baked in Greta.

Good restaurant near Legnica

Beef roulade with white buckwheat and red beetroot salad.

Szklarska Poreba, a restaurant near Szklarska Poreba

Pancakes with quark cheese.

Restaurant in the Giant Mountains

Roasted trout with pan-fried vegetables and a bouquet of salads.

Restaurant Jelenia Gora

Tastes of childhood, i.e. young potatoes with butter and dill, fried eggs from hens burrowing in Dobkow and young cabbage.

Restaurant Lower Silesia

Boletus from the Katshavian forests. During mushroom picking, we serve mushrooms in many versions :-).

Creamy roasted beets soup

Creamy roasted beets soup with goat cheese.

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