Marcin Zieliński’s Glass Manufacture – engraver’s workshop from the 19th century – Radzimowice in the Katshava Mountains.

Szklana Manufaktura kontakt dojazd

Glass Manufacture in Poland

Marcin Zieliński, engraver and artist, at his own workshop – the Glass Manufacture


  • January – December
    the gallery/shop – open every day (Marcin must be at home, so you better call him in advance)


  • all Sundays in the year at 11 a.m.
  • at other times after prior arrangement
  • summer holidays – open workshops for families with children
    all Tuesdays – “The history written by a wheel on glass”
    2pm. – 3pm.
    all Sundays – “Glass wonders”
    11am. – 12am.
  • workshops duration about 1h
  • children paint a picture on glass, and then Marcin engraves the picture preserving it for 1000 years or… until the glass is broken
  • creative workshops with other artists


  • the old, 19th century glass engraving workshop
  • shop/gallery (pl) with unique pieces of art
  • creative workshops for families with children
  • the village of Radzimowice – the former mining village – with the very interesting history
  • there are traces of old mining activity, deep adits and pre-war mine waste dumps in the area (400m from Radzimowice), where you can find interesting minerals
  • there is also a small shop with eco spelt products in the village
  • breath-taking views


  • admission to the gallery is free
  • creative workshops:
    25 PLN / 6 €
    80PLN / 20 € /family ticket


  • Radzimowice is the highest altitude village in the Katshava Mountains
  • you can get there by a gravel road (about 1,5 km) from Mysłów
  • there are signposts leading to the village
  • you will know that you are on the right way to Radzimowice, when you drive through a gigantic messy scrap yard in Mysłów
  • it is worth turning a blind eye on it, the view above (in Radzimowice) is beautiful


The owl – a sculpture by Marcin Zieliński. See (pl) his other glass sculptures.

Marcin Zieliński

Marcin Zieliński – the artist’s self-portrait

Oryginalny prezent ze szkła

From the PREMIUM (pl) collection…


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