• child-friendly ZOO in Görlitz
  • the town with the greatest concentration of monuments in Germany – there are about 4000 of them. Thanks to them, a walk along the streets of the town is a journey in time. Historical buildings are among best-preserved architecture in the Central Europe
  • the Silesian Museum – the mandatory point during your visit to the town
  • hall houses – the architectural style typical for the town situated on a trade route via regia
  • since 1896, there is the craft brewery Landskron in Görlitz, where beer is still brewed by traditional methods. The historical manufacture is open for visitors (you may try beer from this brewery at Villa Greta restaurant)
  • town’s cultural events:
    Silesian Christmas Market
    International Festival of Street Theaters Via Thea
    Silesian Pottery Market
    Holiday of the Old Town of Görlitz and Jakuby in Zgorzelec
  • Sun Organs of the St Peter and Paul church can imitate birds’ voices. They were built by Eugenio Casparini at the end of the 17th century
  • the best known resident of the town in the world is Jakob Böhme (1575–1624), a shoemaker, who developed the theory of „unity of man and nature“. It inspired successive generations of thinkers: Goethe, Leibnitz, Adam Mickiewicz, Czesław Miłosz. The house of Jakob Böhme is on the Polish bank of Nysa, his grave is at the cemetery Nikolaifriedhof in Görlitz
  • a short walk through the Old Town Bridge is enough to enter Zgorzelec, a sister town to Goerlitz. Since 1998 both towns refer to themselves as one urban organism: Europe-Town Görlitz-Zgorzelec
  • after visiting the town, you may benefit from the charms of Berzdorfer See – a lake located near the town
  • location on the cycling route Odra-Nysa Łużycka. 630-kilometre long route belongs to the top ten cycling routes in Germany
  • in the pre-war Goerlitz-Moys, and currently in Zgorzelec, a renowned French composer, Oliver Messiaen was in a prisoner-of-war camp Stalag VIIIA. He composed here “Quartet for the End of Time“, played for the first time on the 15the January 1941 for the camp public. Today „Quartet“ belongs to the canon of the contemporary music, Messiean’s heritage is cared for by the association The Meeting Point Music Messiaen e.V. in a European Centre of Education and Culture on the site of Stalag VIII-A.


Goerlitz is a beautiful town. (Picture by Alexander Römisch)

Goerlitz / Görlitz – architectural gem upon Nysa Łużycka, at the Polish-German border.

Görlitz Zgorzelec directions


Visiting Görlitz

The historical building of Ratsapotheke with solar clocks of Zacharias Scultets is at Untermarkt. (Picture by Reiner Weisflog)

Hall house Görlitz

Hall house is the archaelogical style typical for Görlitz. Impressive cross vaults of such a building, including the whole width of the entrance hall, enabled passage of large horse-drawn carriages. At the hall, merchants presented their broadcloths and other goods. There are 35 such exceptional houses in the Old Town of Goerlitz. You may enter to many halls. (Picture by Ulrich Schwarz)

Silesian Museum Görlitz

Silesian Museum in Görlitz presents history and multiculturalism of the Silesia in an interesting way, by combining historical interiors and modern exhibition techniques. (Picture by Schlesisches Museum)

Silesian Museum in Görlitz

The oldest renaissance secular building to the north of the Alpes is Schönhof, built in 1526. Today, it is the seat of the Silesian Museum in Görlitz. (Picture by Plugge)

Charming town Görlitz

Goerlitz is not only the Old Town. Also the City Centre has beautiful architecture and many charming places where you can have a coffee break. (Picture by Reiner Weisflog)

Holy Grave in Goerlitz

The Holy Grave is replica of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem very similar to the original. Since it was created in 1504, the Holy Grave in Görlitz has not been destroyed nor altered, which cannot be said about the original. (Picture by R. Schäfer)


When you visit Görlitz, you may often have a chance to have a look at works at the film set. Since 1950’s, over 100 German and international productions were created in “Görliwood“. The town received the main prize for the film set for „Grand Budapest Hotel“ as the best film location of the last decade. (Picture by Stadtverwaltung Görlitz)

Events Görlitz Zgorzelec

The largest event in the region is Altstadtfest Görlitz, organized every year during the last weekend of August, along with Jakuby in Zgorzelec. (Picture by Nikolai Schmidt)

Old Town Bridge Görlitz

St Peter and Paul church as well as the Old Town Bridge are symbols of the town. Detonated, as all 7 bridges in the town, in May 1945 by the retreating German Army, the Old Town Bridge was rebuilt only in 2004. (Picture by Sabine Wenzel)

Berzdorfer See - lake near Zgorzelec

Just outside the town, there is picturesque Berzdorfer See, one of the biggest lakes of Saxony, formed by the renaturalization of the opencast lignite mine. Sailors and surfers, bikers and skaters love this place, which is perfect for active rest in the nature. (Picture by Rainer Weisflog)


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