Grodziec Castle – the best preserved castle in the Land of Extinct Volcanoes.

Zamek Grodziec, kontakt, dojazd

Zamek Grodziec

Grodziec sits proudly at the top of a volcanic plug. At the foot of the mountain there is a village by the same name.


  • November – January: 10:00 – 15:00
  • February – March: 10:00 – 17:00
  • April – October: 10:00 – 18:00
  • guided tours every Saturday and Sunday at:11:00
    11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00
  • From November through April, you can visit the Castle on your own, without a guide


  • adult: PLN 20 / € 5
  • concessionary: PLN 15 / € 4
  • car park in front of the entrance gate – free of charge


  • Grodziec Castle influences the imagination, especially of those fascinated with chivalrous, medieval vibes
  • the Castle sits at the top of a volcanic plug. From the castle tower you can enjoy a splendid 360° view
  • real knights can often be found in the Castle
  • in the castle courtyard there is an open fast food buffet
  • lighting a bonfire in the castle courtyard is possible
  • history of Grodziec Castle (PL)


Zamek Grodziec

As in the past, lighting a bonfire is possible in the castle courtyard. During the congress of knights who come from all over Poland, the atmosphere is really medieval. .

Najładniejszy zamek na Dolnym Śląsku

Grodziec Castle is one of the best preserved castles in Lower Silesia.

Zamki Dolny Śląsk


Zamek Dolny Śląsk

Interior of one of the castle chambers.

Grodziec ceny biletów

View at the castle walls.

Czy warto zobaczyć na Zamku Grodziec

Grodziec Castle is full of nooks, corridors, narrow passages…

W Zamku Grodziec

Medieval and modern details.

Gröditzburg - Grodziec

In many places of Grodziec Castle there is a mess. Spreading boards and laid down scaffolding, there are also unsecured passages in high altitudes. The kitsch mixes with beauty. Despite the imperfections, the Castle is one of the most important must-see places in Lower Sielsia.

Detale architektoniczne

Architectural details

Brama wjazdowa

The entrance gate into the castle courtyard. You can get to the castle by car.

Grodziec godziny otwarcia

The Castle is particularly beautiful in autumn…

Grodziec zwiedzanie

The best planned sightseeing of Grodziec Castle is from 1h to 1.5h.


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