Gross-Rosen / Rogoźnica – German concentration camp. Several thousand prisoners: Jews, Russians, Poles, French, Hungarians were murdered here…

Gross Rosen, contact details, directions

Former concentration camp Gross-Rosen

The entrance gate to the former Nazi concentration camp.


  • May – September
    8 a.m. – 7 p.m.
  • October – April
    8 a.m. – 4 p.m.


  • Gross-Rosen is a place which you should visit at least one in your lifetime in order to remember what a man is capable of…
  • you should devote about 2 hours for visiting the area and exhibition of Gross-Rosen Museum
  • due to content conveyed here, children and school teenagers should be under the care of adults
  • permanent exhibitions
  • temporary exhibitions (pl)
  • the history of KL Gross Rosen


  • free admission
  • groups over 10 people must pay the additional guide fee
    – in Polish, a group up to 15 people – 30 PLN/group / 7,5 €, a group up to 40 people – 60 PLN/group / 15 €
    – in a foreign language, a group up to 15 people – 70 PLN/group / 17,5 €, a group up to 40 people – 120 PLN/group / 30 €
    – family ticket (up to 5 adult people), a guide in Polish – 20 PLN / 5 €
  • everyday at 1 p.m. the first 50 people visiting individually – free admission with a Polish-speaking guide
  • a car park:
    passenger car 3 PLN / 0,75 €
    coach 10 PLN / 2,5 €



Groß-Rosen concentration camp.

Groß Rosen Rogoźnica

The camp gong.

German concentration camp in Rogoźnica

Prisoner barracks.

Concentration camp Lower Silesia Poland

Few executioners took consequences of the crime :-(. You need to devote at least 2 hours for visiting the camp.

Konzentration Lager Gross-Rosen

The gallows.

Field crematorium

The field crematorium.

Nazi concentration camp Poland

The monument commemorating the victims of the concentration camp.

Gross-Rosen labour camp

The quarry in Rogoźnica – a place of carnage of thousands of prisoners.

Concentration camps

Visiting former concentration camp

Visiting concetration camp

Groß-Rosen/Rogoźnica concentration camp.


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