Dobkow, Katshava Mountains

Karolina Rudnicka’s Stable

Horse riding in Dobków.

Price list

  • guided tour, 10 minutes (child in the saddle, Karolina leads the horse by the bridle)
    20 4.7person
  • guided tour, 30 minutes
    50 11.7person
  • riding in a host, 30 minutes
    50 11.7person
  • off-road driving, 1 h
    60 14person

Opening hours / opening dates

  • all year round
  • Monday - Friday
  • Saturday - Sunday
  • guided tours for children take place regularly several times a week during holidays, winter holidays, long weekends
  • see the current calendar of workshops in the Land of Extinct Volcanoes
  • at any time for companies and individual groups
  • horse riding lessons can be ordered individually throughout the year


  • Karolina currently has 3 mounts
  • to go into the field it is required to move freely in three gaits
  • all dates depend on weather conditions
  • the possibility of setting an individual deadline
Off-road riding

Horse riding in the field, Lower Silesia.

Karol Rudnicka

Karol Rudnicka with Grandzia.

Horse riding lessons for children

Horse riding lessons for children.

Horse riding Lower Silesia

Horse riding in Lower Silesia with a view of the Extinct Volcanoes.

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