Katshava Mountains

Single tracks Gozdno 1 and Gozdno 2

Single tracks in Gozdno, probably the best made, also available for slightly older children.


  • “Gozdno 1” and “Gozdno 2” are loops led on the slopes of the Zawadna mountain near the village of Gozdno. “Gozdno 2” is a connector that allows you to expand the route and drive its most interesting section again, but you can also skip it
  • on both routes there are profiled bands, faster (steep) sections, sections with loose surface and roots
  • are located very close to the easier “Two Gorges” and “Pod Grzybkami” in Rzeszówek – if you have the strength, you can drive all routes at the same time
  • are slightly more difficult routes than those in Rzeszówek, for people who feel good on a bike – we do not recommend for small children and people who have never ridden single tracks
  • length of routes:
    – single track “Gozdno 1” – 10.8 km
    – single track “Gozdno 2” – 3.3 km
    – two routes at once – approx. 15.7 km
  • elevation:
    – single track “Gozdno 1” – 205 m
    – single track “Gozdno 2” – 146 m up and 96 m down
  • the attraction of the route is the observation tower on Zawadna – probably the best viewpoint in the Land of Extinct Volcanoes
  • the start is planned near Gozdno – under the forest in front of the village there is a dedicated parking lot with information boards
  • GPX map of the “Gozdno 1” route – available from the level of cycling applications
  • GPX map of the “Gozdno 2” route – available from the level of cycling applications
  • see more Kaczawskie Single Tracks
  • in the Villa Greta restaurant you will receive a free map of all Kaczawski single tracks
  • rent an electric bike: premium bike with full suspension from Krzysztof or touring bikes from Michał
Single track Gozdno

The route marking is accurate and professional.

Single tracks in Poland

Single tracks “Gozdno 1” and “Gozdno 2”.

Single track

The Gozdno 1 route has several more difficult technical sections.

Single track

Single track Gozdno 1 is for those who feel confident on the bike.

Kaczawskie single tracks

Kaczawskie single tracks. View from the observation tower on Zawadna. At the foot of the tower runs the route. On the horizon Ostrzyca – an icon of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes.

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