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Czocha Castle

Czocha Castle – a castle whose walls know many secrets of World War II.

Price list

  • Visiting the castle
  • reduced ticket
    30 7person
  • normal ticket
    40 9.4person
  • family ticket (2+2)
    172 40person
  • family ticket (2+3)
    205 47.7person
  • night sightseeing
    65 15.2person
  • Entrance to the courtyard (without sightseeing)
  • reduced ticket
    6 1.4person
  • normal ticket
    8 1.9person
  • Visiting the multimedia torture chamber
  • reduced ticket
    12 2.8person
  • normal ticket
    16 3.8person
  • when buying a ticket to visit the castle, the ticket to the courtyard is already included in the price
  • a family ticket entitles you to visit the castle with a guide and visit multimedia torture chambers

Opening hours / opening dates

  • July - August
  • December - January
  • sometimes at czocha Castle there are unfortunately closed events, it is worth checking if the castle is available
  • REMARK! last entrance with a guide 1.5 h before closing


  • Czocha Castle is one of the most beautiful castles in Lower Silesia
  • the building stands on the steep shore of Lake Leśniański
  • visiting the castle takes place only with a guide, entrance at certain times (ask at the ticket office)
  • night tours are also organized on selected dates
  • during the night sightseeing, an elegant curator with two helpers will introduce you to the largest hall of the mysterious manor, where visitors will start their night adventure
  • for almost three hours, the participants will get to know the nooks and crannies of the Czocha Castle
  • short boat cruises are organized near the castle, thanks to which you can see the castle also from the water side
  • in the castle there is a restaurant with Polish cuisine, a bar, a company café, and seasonally also a barbecue and the possibility of organizing a bonfire
  • see other castles and palaces of Lower Silesia

Frequently asked questions

Czocha Castle

Czocha Castle.

Castle in Lower Silesia

Mysterious Lower Silesia

Visiting the castle

Part of the Czocha Castle is prepared for sightseeing by tourists.

In the Czoch Castle

In the Czocha Castle…

Antique batteries

Antique taps and sanitary fittings in chambers open to the public.

Czocha Castle - historic interiors.

Historic interiors.


Jedna z zamkowych komnat.

Muzeum Zamek Czocha

W zamkowym muzeum.

Armata na zamku

Na Zamku Czocha jest mała ekspozycja starej broni.

Zamek na Dolnym Śląsku

Jeden z najbardziej znanych zamków na Dolnym Śląsku. Przyczynił się do tego serial “Szyfry wojny”.

Tzschocha Czocha

Czocha Castle – pre-war Schloss Tzschocha.

Widok z wieży zamku Czocha

Widok z wieży zamku Czocha

Visiting the Czocha Castle

Bridge over the moat in Czocha Castle.

Schloss Tzschocha

Czocha (Tzschocha) – wejście do zamku głównego.

Czocha Castle Schloß Tschocha

In late autumn at the Czocha Castle.

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