Middle Sudetes

Basilica in Krzeszów

Basilica in Krzeszów – a baroque gem of Lower Silesia.

Price list

  • Basic route
  • reduced ticket
    20 4.7person
  • normal ticket
    28 6.6person
  • Extended route
  • reduced ticket
    30 7person
  • normal ticket
    38 8.9person

Other discounts and other types of tickets here.

Opening hours / opening dates

  • Basic route
  • May 1 - October 15
  • October 16 - April 30
  • Extended route
  • 1 May - 15 September (weekends only)


  • the basilica is called the European pearl of the Baroque and this is not an exaggeration – the object is impressive!
  • it is a complex of sacred and accompanying buildings: the monastery church pw. Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Bracki Church St. Józefa, Mausoleum of the Silesian Piasts, Chapel of Mary Magdalene, historic cemetery, Prince’s Well and Avenue of Princes (sightseeing as part of the “basic route”)
  • in addition, you can visit (as part of the “extended route”) the basement of the monastery church, the attic and tower of the basilica, the summer pavilion on the water
  • the stay in the sanctuary begins at the Pilgrim Service Office
  • on the basic route you can use audio guides in Polish, English, German, Russian, Czech, French and Italian
  • in the building of the Pilgrim Service Office there is also a bistro/canteen

Frequently asked questions

Basilica in Krzeszów - Way of the Cross

Basilica in Krzeszów with a monastic complex.

Ceiling of the basilica in Krzeszów

Visitors to the extended route can also see the ceiling of the basilica and the roof structure of the church.

Visiting the Cistercian monastery.

Visiting the Cistercian monastery.

Basilica of Krzeszów

Organ in the Basilica of Krzeszów.

Cistercian monastery in Krzeszów

Interior of the Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Krzeszów.

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