Giant Mountains

Sněžka – how to get to the top

Sněžka – the highest peak of the Karkonosze Mountains and the entire Sudetes 1601 m above sea level.

Price list

  • lift to Kopa from Karpacz
  • entry - normal ticket
    65 14.8person
  • entry - reduced ticket
    45 10.3person
  • entry and exit - normal ticket
    70 16person
  • entry and exit - reduced ticket
    50 11.4person
  • family ticket (2+2)
    200 45.5person
  • family ticket (2+3)
    240 54.6person
  • family ticket (2+4)
    280 63.7person
  • senior ticket
    60 13.7person
  • children up to 2 years
    free of charge / included
  • the ticket price includes the entrance fee to the Krkonoše National Park
  • full price list with variation for low and high season here
  • price list of the gondola lift from the Czech side

Opening hours / opening dates

  • Every day
  • opening hours concern the cable car from Karpacz to Mała Kopa


  • Sněžka (1603 m above sea level) is the highest peak of the Karkonosze Mountains, as well as the entire Sudetenland
  • is the most popular point for tourists in the whole area, which is why it is crowded almost all year round (especially during holidays, holidays and weekends) – we do not recommend it to people who do not like crowds
  • weather-wise, it is the place with the least number of sunny days in the whole of Poland – there is a high probability that the peak will be in fog or in clouds
  • ATTENTION on Śnieżka there are often extremely different weather conditions than in Karpacz, so it is necessary to have warm clothing, rain / wind protection, as well as a sun filter (even, and especially, in winter)
  • when there is snow at the top (i.e. from October to May) it is necessary to have good mountain boots and even crawls – the trail to the top is steep, often icy, which threatens to fall
  • the summit can be reached on foot from Karpacz:
    ? along the red trail through the Łomniczka Valley from the parking lot under the Orlinek hotel, NAVIGATE TO THE PARKING LOT, time of entry to the top approx. 3 h + return, elevation 810 m, in winter from the Łomniczka Shelter to the Silesian House the trail is closed due to the avalanche hazard
    ⚫️ black trail from the lower base of the lift to Mała Kopa through Biały Jar, NAVIGATE TO THE PARKING LOT, entry time approx. 2.5 h + return, elevation gain 820 m, White Jar is closed in winter
  • from Karpacz – Biały Jar there is also a lift to Kopa, NAVIGATE TO THE PARKING LOT – entry time 30 minutes on a 4-person sofa, there are often long queues under the lift. From the upper station of the lift to Kopie to Śnieżka is approx. 40 minutes walk along the black and red trail, on the way there is a shelter PTTK Dom Śląski
  • from the Czech town of Pec pod Sněžkou, NAVIGATE TO THE PARKING LOT – take the gondola lift to the foot of Sněžka – the time of entry 30 minutes, the walk to the top will take 5 minutes. The lift operates all year round except April and November and days with windy weather, there are long queues under the lift, as well as traffic jams in Pec
  • see what the weather is like in the Giant Mountains – live cameras

Frequently asked questions

Sněžka the highest peak of the Giant Mountains

Śnieżka – view from Równia pod Śnieżką from under the PTTK Dom Śląski shelter. From here it remains 55 minutes walk to the top.

Sněžka, Schneekoppe

Remember that the Giant Mountains, despite their low altitude, can surprise with the weather like several thousand peaks of the Alps.

View of the Giant Mountains

View of the Giant Mountains with Śnieżka from Łysa Góra in the Kaczawskie Mountains.

Park of Miniature Monuments of Lower Silesia in Kowary

Park of Miniature Monuments of Lower Silesia – a miniature of the High Mountain Observatory IMGW on Śnieżka (famous saucers) – the highest peak of the Karkonosze Mountains and the entire Sudetenland.

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