Hatha-yoga workshops organised by Agnieszka Gil, 500 m from Villa Greta

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Hatha-yoga Polish mountains

Hatha-yoga workshops in Villa Greta.

Hatha-yoga – workshop description

  • an introduction to the breath work
  • a short mind-relaxing meditation focused on the breath work
  • a warm-up in the rhythm of breath adjusted to the recipients’  age and level of proficiency
  • the main part of the training with separate groups of yoga positions adjusted to the recipients’ age, needs and level of proficiency
  • a session of deep relaxation to the sounds of gong and Tibetan singing bowls

When the workshops take place

  • during summer holidays, winter holidays, long weekends in accordance with the open workshops’ schedule
  • it is possible to arrange workshops individually at any time convenient for both sides
  • SUMMER HOLIDAYS – plan of creative workshops
  • WINTER HOLIDAYS – plan of creative workshops


Individual workshops:

  • 25 PLN/person /6 €
  • 80 PLN family ticket / 20 €
  • duration approx. 1,5 h

Workshops are organised for groups of minimum 15 people:

  • 10 PLN/person for 1h finished with relaxation with sound and play with sound – option for children
  • 15 PLN/person for 1,5h finished with relaxation with sound – option for adults

Location of workshops

  • Villa Greta or Agni Surya Yoga School, 500m from Villa Greta
Hatha yoga Lower Silesia Poland

Workshops are organised for adults and children.

Hatha-yoga Polish mountains

The room at Villa Greta has a heated floor.