For families with children

  • we are the parents of  Antonina [2007] and  Tymon [2010] – we know the needs of families with children
  • what is perhaps obvious, but for mothers with young children especially important, is that in our house it is always warm and the guest rooms and toilets are really clean
  • our rooms for families:
    • four two-room apartments with kitchenettes (agate, limewood, Katshava i dovocote)
    • 4 double room unit 4-person rooms with a family suite (Greta’s, family, rosemary, lavender)
    • apart from family rooms we offer: 4 2-person rooms and one 1-person room, they are useful for families with slightly older and more independent children
  • to every room, also to 2-person rooms, we can offer free baby cot with bedding,  electric kettle and baby baths

Sudecka Zagroda Edukacyjna

400m from Greta Villa – Sudetic Educational Farmstead

What to do in Villa Greta

  • Villa Greta is located away from public roads so that parents do not have to worry about the safety of kids
  • in the orchard we have built a big playground with a platform, mini climbing wall, spider’s web, carousel, swings, big andpit and children’s favorite 30-foot zip line which they call “saucer”
  • in the winter you have a place for sledding, making a snowman, taking a walk
  • see offer for the winter holidays
  • in the courtyard  live children’s favourite pets: dog Azor and cat Basalt. Strolling around the village you can see all the domestic animals: cows, horses, goats, chickens, guinea fowls, ducks, etc. Villa Greta is a good place for a family holiday in the Polish countryside
  • It is worth spending at least one day on visiting Dobków

About restaurant

  • Villa Greta is surrounded by more than one-hectare orchard where old, often pre-war trees grow and from which you may eat the fruit at will
  • often, to the surprise of their parents, children are not fussy with food, perhaps because our cuisine is based largely on local,  natural, simple and homely products, or maybe because after a day of running children are simply tired and hungry.  Seats for feeding babies are at the diposal of the parents, gallery of meals
  • children under 4 eat dinners for free in the formula of dishes of the day and breakfasts. Children aged 4-10 have 50% discount on meals, see prices
  • especially for families with children we have introduced the possibility of eating separate parts of dinner: soup and bread at lunchtime and the second course in the evening
  • in the restaurant are seats for children, colourful cutlery, a baby-change table in the toilet, and a play corner next to the restaurant

What to visit with children in the area

  • visiting the modern, interactive Educational Centre, the Sudetic Geoscience Centre , 400m from Villa Greta is a must-do!
  • you may explore Dobków by walking, see attractions within 3km from Villa Greta
  • we organise a whole range of creative workshops for children and adults. All of them are tested and recommended by the owners of Villa Greta
  • SUMMER HOLIDAYS and WINTER HOLIDAYS – see what workshops we prepared for you
  • for families searching for agathes  and other minerals, we will show how and where to look for agathes. Our Guest Hause also organizes geological workshops,
  • within 50 minute-drive there are several medieval castles and dozens of other interesting cultural sites for both kids and parents. Polish province of the Lower Silesia and the Sudetes   are the most interesting place in Poland for spending holiday with a family
  • the world of nature is equally interesting! Cones of extinct volcanoes, rocky bodies, dams, old tunnels, salamanders, orchids, forests, and mushrooms
  • nearby (15 minute-drive) is the Bald Mountain ski station a great mountain to learn to ski. Bald Mountain is a slope with a length of 1km (with a total length of routes of approximately 4km), well-snowed, lit, having complete infrastructure: parks, bars, ski rentals, etc.
  • the Katshava Mountains  also called the Land of Extinct Volcanoes, is incredibly picturesque, mysterious and natural place, still undiscovered by mass-tourism…

holidays with children

Playgraund in Villa Greta.

Dom na wakacje w polskich górach

Bedroom of the parents in Dovacote appartment

Wakacje z dziećmi

Our dog – Azor.