Searching for minerals in Poland

  • closed quarry in Lubiechowa with white-gray agathes and amethysts, 9km from Villa Greta
  • Gozdno – agathes, amethysts, quartz brushes,  quartz in porphyry, 9km from Villa Greta
  • Piekiełko Valey in Nowy KościółRóżanaSokołowiec, agathes in pink porphyry, 9km from Villa Greta
  • Closed quarry in Przeździedza – ribbon agathes, 19km from Villa Greta
  • Płóczki Dolne near Lwówek Ślaski, beautiful agates and chalcedony, 41km from Villa Greta
  • Radzimowice called the Old Mountain, a picturesque former mining town, pyrites, chalcopyrites, arsenopyrites, 13km from Villa Greta
  • copper mine in Miedzianka City in Rudawy Janowickie Mountains, iron, uranium and copper minerals, 30km from Villa Greta
  • Leszczyna with open-air museum, museum of mining and interesting geo-educational trail, malachite, azurite, dendrites, 22km from Villa Greta
  • closed limestone quarries in Wojcieszów and educational trail Gruszka in one of the quarries, calcites, 10km from Villa Greta
  • Katshawa River, Skora River, Bukownica River, golden sands, 1 – 15km from Villa Greta
  • Rosocha near Stanisławów, former barite mine, 20km from Villi Greta
  • gallery of agathes and other minerals of the Sudetes and the Kaczawskie Mountains
Poszukiwanie minerałów w Polsce

Mineral exploration in Poland.

Why Katshava Mountains?

  • because it is the Polish Mecca of geologists and gemstone and mineral searchers
  • in the Land of Extinct Volcanoes search for minerals is relatively easy because on a small space you can find rocks and minerals from almost all the geological periods
  • it is recommended to visit the Sudetic Geoscience Centre (400 m from Villa Greta) before workshops. It is a modern interactive educational centre focused on geology and volcanoes
  • we organize geologic workshops with Marcin Jaśkiewicz (also in English), combined with exploration and processing of agates and amethysts
  • in Villa Greta you can buy maps, which precisely indicate where to look for minerals. You can also borrow geological literature and guidebooks
  • P
  • playing as geologists is often the best remembered holiday attraction for children :-)

Other geological attractions

Searching for minerals in Poland

Agate from Nowy Kościół, 14km from Villi Greta. See the gallery of agates.

Warsztaty poszukiwania kamieni szlachetnych

Workshops in gemstone exploration. All participants receive hammers and protective glasses.

Kamieniołom Lubiechowa

Searching for minerals in Poland – closed quarry in Lubiechowa is an ideal place for family searching for stones, 12km from Villi Greta.

Poszukiwanie minerałów

It is not always possible to find a geode with amethyst.

Warsztaty poszukiwania kamieni

Machine for cutting and grinding agates and other minerals.

Kamienie szlachetne agaty z Gór Kaczawskich w Sudetach.

Agathes in the workshop at Villa Greta. The stones found need to be washed, cut, sanded and polished.

Agat, Góry i Pogórze Kaczawskie

Agate weighing about 20kg, found in Nowy Kościół 12km from Villa Greta.