To whom we address our offer?

  • to members of local governments who consider activation of residents living in their communities
  • to non-governmental organizations which carry out projects concerning the formation of social capital
Wizyta studyjna w Ekomuzeum Rzemiosła

Map of Dobków – a place for a successful study visit, download the map.

Why Dobków?

  • the community of Dobków was able to take advantage of the opportunity resulting from changes in Poland. We can share our experiences
  • from a gloomy, isolated, and dilapidated village with no perspectives, Dobków  went on to win the contest “The most beautiful village of Lower Silesia” organized by the Marshal Office of Lower Silesia and received the title of vice champion in the prestigious European contest ARGE
  • the village is developing with full respect of the rules of sustainable development
  • in Dobków and its surroundings, a museum has been actively functioning – Ecomuseum of Crafts. We have developed a few workplaces and a stable source of income for a sizeable number of people
  • thanks to the hard work of many people, non-governmental organizations and companies as well as thanks to the support of the local government, we have implemented several projects in Dobków, which are becoming an example for other villages and organizations showing how to exploit the potential of the village in which you live
  • we have developed a modern and interactive Science Centre Sudetic Geoscience Centre. In 2016, Sudetic Educational Farmstead hosted  more than ten thousands visitors! The Centre is still developing dynamically
  • our guests, among others, include: UNESCO from Wrocław, UNESCO from Berlin, Polish Humanitarian Organisation, Kaczawskie NGO, Zielona Akcja NGO, Marshal Office of Lower Silesia, Bardo – municipality, Świerzawa – municipality, Wądroże – municipality, Kłodzko – municipality, Agricultural Advisory Centre of Lower Silesia, Agricultural Advisory Centre of Opole, Agricultural Advisory Centre of Warmia and Masuria, city of Wrocław and others

Which topics we are familiar with?

  • development of society and business in line with the idea of sustainable development
  • acquisition of sources for the implementation of projects connected with the idea of Social Economy (i.e. projects which connect community activities with the formation of additional income and new workplaces for local communities)
  • promotion and protection of the environment and biodiversity
  • promotion of natural lifestyle and the idea of slow food (i.e. use of regional products as much as possible)
  • inspiration of the participants of a study visit to start activities for the benefit of local community

Villa Greta Offer

  • description of hotel base, meals and the possibility of organization of events, training rooms, attractions of Dobków and surroundings: click here
  • we conduct lectures concerning the development of rural areas as exemplified by the development of Dobków at the request of other non-governmental organizations and local governments
Organizacja wizyty studyjnej

One of the products created in Dobków and its surroundings: open creative workshops – an example of the bottom-up formation of a network tourist offer.

Wizyta studyjna dolnośląskie

A study visit in Villa Greta. A slide lecture in the restaurant room.