Jelenia Gora – the capital of the Giant Mountains, the city with the beautiful Old Town.

Attractions of Jelenia Góra

Jelenia Gora - Main Square

Jelenia Gora did not receive any damage during the Second World War and the Main Square remained in perfect condition.



Jelenia Góra - hotels

The town hall in Jelenia Góra.

Museum in Jelenia Góra

The Giant Mountains Museum w Jeleniej Górze.

Jelenia Góra guesthouses

The whole main square is surrounded by arcaded tenement houses.

Wojnowska Gate in Jelenia Góra

Wojanowska Tower and Gate – the fragment of the Medieval defensive complex. Ramparts guarded the town from the direction of Palace in Wojanów.

Attractions of Jelenia Góra

Decorative figures on the walls of tenement houses of Jelenia Góra’s promenade, that is the 1st May Street.

What to see in Jelenia Góra

Until 1925, St. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church was a catholic church.

3rd May Street in Jelenia Góra

The promenade on 3rd May Street. We recommend visiting one of several cafes.

Attractions of Jelenia Góra

Tramway transportation operated in Jelenia Góra in the years 1897 – 1969. Since then, there are only a few memorabilia. For example, a kiosk with souvenirs at the Main Square.

Monuments Jelenia Góra

The Old Town Main Square.

Monuments in Jelenia Góra

The promenade. Halfway between the railway station and the town hall.

Church of Mercy Jelenia Góra

The Exaltation of the Cross Church. More about protestant Churches of Mercy (pl, de, cz in Wiki).

Jelenia Góra, pre-war Hirschberg

The park around the church is the former cemetery. A complex of 18th century graveyard chapels, in which rich townspeople and their families were buried, is well preserved until present times.


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