Kayaking in Poland – down the Bóbr river – the adventure in the picturesque Valley of the Bóbr river

Spływ kajakowy Bobrem kontakt dojazd

Kayaking in Poland

Kayaking down the Bóbr river is a great adventure!


  • from 2h to 6h


  • you may rent kayaks by the phone or e-mail:
    Cezary Miklas
    +48 603 604 646
    [email protected]
    please mention Villa Greta when you reserve kayaking down the river :-)
  • you need to drive to the closed Pilchowice-Nielestno railway station (about 30km from Villa Greta)
  • have a look at the railway station, the first scene of the film entitled “How I Unleashed World War II” was made here :-)
  • having parked your car, you need to cross the railway bridge over the Bóbr river and turn right behind the bridge and go to the river bank. The trip organiser will wait for you there with kayaks
  • kayaks are designed for 2 and 3 people
  • Bóbr is a gentle river, good for kayaking with children
  • after short instructions of “operating” the Bóbr River, providing kayaks and paddles to participants, the organiser of kayaking gives maps of the route and life jackets
  • it’s time to launch kayaks!!!
  • after reaching the destination point, the organiser collects kayaks and takes guests to their cars
  • the description of the Bóbr River (pl) from the point of view of people on kayaks (the material prepared by PTTK Jelenia Góra)


  • individual kayaking down the river (even 1 kayak with transport to the spot) 100 PLN / 25 €
  • 2-person kayak rental 40 PLN / 10 € (that is 20 PLN/person / 5 €)
  • transport to the spot and collection of kayaks 150 PLN (in the case of groups) / 38 €
  • the more numerous the group, the lower the unit cost of the transport to the spot and collection of kayaks


  • it is a great attraction, but some problems may appear :-)
  • if children are not accustomed to water, they may be afraid of entering kayaks
  • if parents are not accustomed to water, they may be afraid of taking children under their care in a kayak
  • a comfortable option is renting a 3-person kayak, for 2 adults and a child
  • rarely, kayak overturns happen. In 99%, they result from not following the instructions of “operating the river”
  • you need to be careful along the whole route, Bóbr is a quite big river


Nielestno railway station

We chose the longest version of a one-day long kayaking down the river, that is kayaking along the route Nielestno – Lwówek.

How I Unleashed World War II

The first scene of the cult Polish comedy entitled “How I Unleashed World War II” was shot at the Nielestno railway station.

Kayaking in Polish mountains

After about 300 metre long walk, we reach the place where kayaks await us.

Kayak rental in Poland

The kayak rental professionally transports the equipment to the spot and collects it afterwards.

Kayaking down the river in Poland

A short introduction and instructions how to operate the Bóbr river :-). During our kayaking, the water level was twice as high as it usually is.

Kayaking down the river Polish mountains

Each participant of the trip receives the river map with trouble spots in which you need to carry kayaks through fish ladders.

Safe kayaking in Poland

Everyone also receives life jackets.

Where to go for kayaking Poland

We begin launching our kayaks :-)

Kayaking in Poland pricelist

Our group consisted of adults, teenagers and children.

Kayaks Poland

The Bóbr river is very picturesque. Settlements along Bóbr are turned back to the river, so you have the impression that you kayak down the river through a non-inhabited territory for 6 hours.

Kayaks with family Poland

6 hours passes like 2 hours.

Family kayaking Poland

Bóbr is sometimes very peaceful, as if lowland river…

Nature kayaks Poland

The Bóbr river is paradise for ornithologists.

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