Kolejkowo – the largest railway model in Poland. Discover attractions of the Lower Silesia in the miraculous world of miniature.

Kolejkowo Wroclaw - directions

Kolejkowo Wroclaw Swiebodzki Station

Kolejkowo is located at the historic Swiebodzki Station in Wroclaw.

Kolejkowo – opening hours

  • open daily, 365 days a year, also on Sundays and holidays
  • from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Kolejkowo in Wroclaw – ticket pricelist

  • regular ticket 23 PLN / 6 €
  • discount ticket* 17 PLN / 4 €
  • children under 3 years old free of charge

* the discount concerns children aged 3-18, students under 26, pensioners, disabled people and their carers

Attractions of Kolejkowo in Wroclaw

  • Kolejkowo – the largest railway model in Poland is the miniature world presented in scale 1:25
  • it is located 800 meters from the Market Square in a historic building of Swiebodzki Station in Wroclaw
  • when you visit Kolejkowo, you will participate in a wonderful journey through the miniature lands of the Lower Silesia in Poland
  • you will see the everyday life of inhabitants of Wroclaw, life in the countryside, accompany tourists during mountain trips, participate in the rescue operation, impersonate foresters, merchants, builders, circus artists, skiers or people at the beach :-)
  • at Kolejkowo, you will also find models of: Swiebodzki Station, tenement houses of the Wroclaw market square, meteorological observatory at Snieżka Mt., Mysteries of the Giant Mountains in Karpacz, Szwajcarka chalet in the Rudawy Mountains
  • it is an exhibition where you will find miniature cars, tramways and trains, and visitors can start the interactive elements – e.g. a cargo crane or dog leaving home>
  • there is also an extension of this wonderful fun – a great playground (inside the building), where children can operate trains and cars
  • at Kolejkowo, there are held modelling workshops for adults, teenagers and children
  • if you like trains, we recommend visiting a place where you will see real trains and locomotives: Museum of Railway Industry


Swiebodzki Station in Wroclaw

Swiebodzki Station in Wroclaw, Poland. This time in miniature :-).

Kolejkowo in Wroclaw Poland

Kolejkowo is great fun for children!

Market Square in Wroclaw Poland

The miniature of Market Square in Wroclaw.

football fans Poland

There is even a place for football fans of WKS Śląsk Wrocław :-).

railway in Wroclaw

Everyday life of railway workers.

Life in Wroclaw Kolejkowo Poland

You will also see scenes from everyday life in Wroclaw.

Kolejkowo in Wroclaw

And also something unusual :-).


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