Legnica attractions of the city

  • Legnica – the city called “Little Moscow” – from 1993, several tens of thousands of Soviet soldiers were stationed in the city
  • from year to year, the city regains its former glory
  • Museum of Copper – ticket pricelist, opening hours
  • Market Square with the City Hall
  • Piast Castle – the oldest walled castle in the current Poland
  • St Apostles Peter and Paul Cathedral
  • stained glass in the evangelical church of Virgin Mary
  • a trip with a guide
    pricelist: 230 PLN/ 3 – 4h
    contact details:
    PTTK Branch in Legnica
    ul. Rynek 27
    +48 76 856 51 63
    [email protected]
    office open: Monday – Friday, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Museum of the Battle of Legnica in Legnickie Pole

Legnica attractions

Legnica – tenement houses on the Market Square.

Legnica – until recently, the city was the biggest barracks in Europe, it was commonly called “Little Moscow”.

Legnica, directions


Museum of Copper in Legnica

Museum of Copper in Legnica.

Cathedral in Legnica

St Peter and Paul Cathedral in Legnica.

Legnica - what is worth to see?

The portal and main entrance to the Legnica’s cathedral.

City Hall in Legnica

The City Hall in Legnica.

Legnica Liegnitz

Legnica, pre-war Liegnitz – the Old City.

Piast Castle in Legnica

Piast Castle in Legnica – regarded as the oldest walled fortress in Poland. The entrance portal

Piast Castle in Legnica. Attractions of Legnica

Piast Castle. The view to St Peter’s tower.

Interactive Musem of the Battle of Legnica

Interactive Museum of the Battle of Legnica in Legnickie Pole, near Legnica, picture by Dariusz Berdys.

St Mary's Church in Legnica

The evangelical church of Virgin Mary. You can admire impressive stained glass inside.


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