Legnickie Pole – Museum of the Battle of Legnica and St Hedwig minor basilica – a gem of Baroque of the Lower Silesia

Legnickie Pole directions

Legnickie Pole - museum

Museum of the Battle of Legnica in Legnickie Pole, picture by Dariusz Berdys.


  • January – December
    Wednesday – Sunday
    11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • visiting time – about 50 minutes


  • Muzeum of the Battle of Legnica – the lost battle between the Christian army (of Poles, Germans, Czechs), and the Mongolian army in 1241. The attractive multimedia exhibition, lots of reading :-)
  • St Hedwig minor basilica,
    the former Benedictine monastery – one of the most wonderful examples of Baroque architecture in the Silesia,

    T +48 76 858 21 85 (parish, it is quite difficult to get through)
    T +48 695 180 036 Mrs Iwona – the head of museum of the Battle of Legnica – willingly helps to organise visiting the basilica


  • normal ticket 6 PLN / 1,5 €
  • reduced ticket 4 PLN / 1 €


Museum of the Battle of Legnica

The museum in Legnickie Pole is modern and interactive, picture by Dariusz Berdys.

Henryk Pobożny

Henry II the Pious was killed in the battle, and his head was impaled on a pole by the hordes of Mongols, picture by Dariusz Berdys.

In Legnickie Pole

Picture by Dariusz Berdys.

Museum Legnickie Pole

In Legnickie Pole, picture by Dariusz Berdys.

Legnickie Pole

At the museum, picture by Dariusz Berdys.

Battle near Legnickie Pole

In the Battle of Legnica, chemical weapon was used for the first time. The Mongolian army sprayed “some yellow substance” from horse skulls in the direction of the Polish army. It’s a pity that there were no chemical formulas yet :-), picture by Grzegorz Kapla.

Legnickie Pole - St Hedwig church

St Hedwig church

Henry II the Pious Legnickie Pole

The body of Henry II the Pious after the lost battle with the Tatars in the picture by Franciszek de Backer, picture by Grzegorz Kapla.

Freski Kuźmy Damiana Asama

Frescos by Cosmas Damian Asam from 1733 entitled “The finding and exaltation of the Cross”, picture by Grzegorz Kapla.

Legnickie Pole visiting

Military details from the Battle of Vienna, picture by Grzegorz Kapla.


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