Lenno Castle, Lenno Palace and the town of Wlen.

Directions to Lenno Castle

Lenno Castle

Lenno Castle is one of the three oldest castles built with stone and mortar you can find in contemporary Poland.


  • Monday – Friday
    11:00 – 13:00
  • Saturday – Sunday
    10:00 – 16:00
  • you need to go to the village of Łupki 2km from Wleń and park your car at the roadside (there is no car park available)
  • it is a 10-minute walk from the commune road to Lenno Castle
  • you may leave your car at the foot of Zamkowa Mt. in the town of Wleń. There is a yellow tourist route from the market square to the castle. It is a 20-minute walk



  • normal ticket – 7 PLN / 1,75 €
  • reduced ticket – 5 PLN / 1,25 €


Zamkowa Mt. reserve in Wleń

The yellow tourist route from Wleń to Lenno Castle leads through the “Zamkowa Mt.” reserve, where you will find a carpet of bear’s garlic.

Katshava Mountains panorama

On the way to the top.

Lenno Palace

Lenno Palace in the village of Łupki. You can drive to this place.

Lenno Palace Courtyard

Lenno Palace Courtyard

Visiting Lenno Castle

The route leads to Lenno Castle ruins.

Directions to Lenno Castle

It is only a 5-minute walk from the Palace to the Castle.

Pillow lavas Polish mountains

Lenno Castle was built on pillow lavas.

Lenno Castle Poland

We reach the castle ruins.

Castle ruins Polish mountains

The entrance to the castle.

Lenno Castle ticket pricelist

The entrance to the tower.

Lenno Castle ruins Poland

The view from the tower to the castle courtyard.

Castle ruins great view Poland

The panorama of the Katshava Mountains.

Church in Wlen

Neogothic St. Nicolas the Bishop church in Wleń. It is very interesting that it is inhabited by the largest colony of the common noctule – the biggest Polish bat.

Wleń upon Bobr river

Wleń is the typical sleepy Silesian town with atmosphere.

Historical places Poland


Ducal palace in Wleń

The ducal palace in Wleń.

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