The old lime kiln and the remnants of the exploited limestone quarry.

  • The lime kiln ruins

    about 500 m from
    Dobków 35
    59-540 Świerzawa

Lime kiln Dobków directions

Lime kiln Dobków

The geological map, which presents the old limestone quarry (navy blue colour) and the location of Villa Greta (red colour). 


  • it is not possible to drive to the lime kiln by a car
  • the best option is to leave your car at Villa Greta and go for a short walk
  • the lime kiln ruins are located about 1 km from Villa Greta


  • the walk takes about 20 minutes in one direction
  • I do not recommend going for this trip if you want to take a pram with you; you can visit other places with pram: the viewing point or shrine trail
  • it is one of geological attractions in Dobków
  • the map above explains why already at the beginning of the 20th century the lime kiln came to ruin
  • limestone deposits were very quickly exhausted in this quarry. The deposit was constituted by only a small amount of crystalline limestones, which covered the area in the shape of a square with side length of about 250 m
  • on the geological map above, it is navy blue area with white stripes
  • Germans before the First World War already exhausted the whole raw material


Lime kiln in Poland

The structure of the lime kiln and the limestone burning principle on Wikipedia.

Ruins of lime kiln Poland

Among these scrubs, there are the old lime kiln ruins and limestone quarry. In spring, you may find orchids in the meadow to the north from the ruins.

Geological attractions Poland

The old lime kiln in the Katshava Mountains.

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