Lomnica Palace – rescued place. It is a must-see place in the Valley of Palaces and Gardens.

Lomnica Palace, visiting, contact details

Palace in Lomnica

The Great Palace in Lomnica / Schloß Lomnitz.


  • 10:00 – 17:00
  • the park is open all year round


  • normal ticket 24 PLN / 6 €
  • reduced ticket for students (up to 16 years old) 9 PLN / 2,5 €
  • reduced ticket for students and seniors 19 PLN / 5 €
  • reduced ticket (up to 16 years old) 10 PLN / 2,5 €
  • group ticket (over 10 people) – 19 PLN/person / 5 €
  • children under 5 years free


  • the Great Palace:
    – museum rooms of the palace and cellar
    – the multimedia presentation entitled “Wake up kiss”, 20 minutes in pl or de version
    – a palace shop
    – a palace restaurant in the Widow’s House
  • the Grange:
    – a bakery, grange shop, linen shop
    – a forge, cowshed and stable
    – a buffet restaurant “Stara Stajnia”
    – a playground
  • the Park:
    – 9ha of the open park around the palace
    – the English landscape park along the Bóbr river
    – a historical “kitchen garden”
    – a playground with a wooden castle
  • the calendar of open events (de, pl) at Lomnica Palace. I especially recommend them to families with children, they are well organised
  • the history of the palace (de, pl), which almost ceased to exist
  • Wojanow Palace is within the walking distance


Castle Lomnitz / Łomnica

Close to the Great Castle is the Small Castle.

Lomnitz, Łomnicy in Poland

Multimedia exhibition in the museum „Three Centuries of Life in the Lomnica Castle”.

A well

A well in the basement of the palace

Small Castle Lomnitz

Close to the Great Castle, in the park there is the Small Castle, called the Widow’s House, where there is now a castle restaurant and hotel.

Castle Lomnitz / Łomnicy

Castle is also suitable for families with children. There’s a multimedia exhibition here.

Lomnica Castle

In the Lomnica Castle.

Lomnica Palace

The calendar of the Lomnica Palace is filled with interesting events almost every month.

Linenstore at manor farm

Linenstore at manor farm.

Lomnica - farm shop and backery

Farm shop and backery at the manor farm.


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