Miedzianka Brewery – beer against the backdrop of history.

Miedzianka Brewery, contact details, directions

Miedzianka Brewery

The modern Craft Brewery against the backdrop of history. You can see Sokoliki behind the window :-).


  • open everyday 12 a.m. – 8 p.m.
  • the car park is free
  • PS. Beer from Miedzianka is available also at Villa Greta restaurant


  • Miedzianka the craft brewery
  • the three basic types of beer at Miedzianka Brewery are: Rudawskie, Cycuch Janowicki and Górnik. Each of them tells a different story
  • from time to time, there are new beers, at special occasions
  • you can have something to eat on the spot
  • it is worth staying here a bit longer and visit the interesting educational trail in Miedzianka and the neighbouring Mniszków
  • the nearby attractions include: Sokoliki, Colourful Lakelets, Szwajcarka Chalet, Bolczów Castle


Miedzianka - conciliation cross

Before the visit to the brewery, it is worth to see the old conciliation cross with the inscription MEMENTO.

Miedzianka brewery

The brewery is a modernist building, but clearly referring to the Sudetic architecture. I like it!

Old Brewery in Miedzianka

On the other side of the road, there is the pre-war renowned brewery. This is where the owner of Spiż brewery at the Market Square in Wroclaw learned his profession.

Attractions of Miedzianka

The educational trail Miedzianka – Mniszków. It is worth seeing.

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