Miedzianka (Kupferberg) – one great mystery.

  • the village of Miedzianka

    58- 200 Janowice Wielkie

Miedzianka, visiting, directions

Attractions of Miedzianka



  • Miedzianka – the town which disappeared from the face of the earth in the 1960s due to wasteful exploitation of uranium by the Russians
  • it is worth knowing the history of Miedzianka before the visit to the place, because without any preparation, you may have the impression that there is nothing interesting to see
  • knowing how the town lived and what it looked like before, you may spend there even several hours
  • before visiting the remnants of the town, we recommend you to read the reporter book by Filip Springer entitled History of a Disappearance: The Story of a Forgotten Polish Town, buy the book
  • ps. bring a driver with you so that you can try beer from Miedzianka mini-brewery
  • photoalbum (pl) with pictures of the contemporary Miedzianka, and Miedzianka before and after the war


Coppferberge, Kopferberg, Kupferberg, Miedzianka – a tiny town near Jelenia Góra which is no more. Nor is the City Hall Restaurant where gossiping women would cringe with disgust when their husbands started singing: “If you had another mother-in-law…” Gone are the parties when dancing couples would swirl to the music of Martin Lehmann’s saxophone. The brewery, the paper factory, the mason and other craftsmen’s shops – they are all gone. There is no Mrs Trenkler the shirt-maker, Mrs Assman and Mrs Alex the bed linen makers and Mrs Breuer the seller of bread and eggs.
There is no graveyard by the road to Mniszków that overlooked the Rudawy Janowickie hills, although local people still remember how gravestones were torn from the ground by tractors and dogs would drag human bones all over the village.

Filip Springer devoted two years of research to find out why a town with seven centuries of history disappeared from the face of the earth. Was it because of the wasteful exploitation of uranium deposits by Russians in 1948-1952? Or were mining damages used as a pretext by the authorities to knock down the whole town in an attempt to bury a secret?” (the description source: http://filipspringer.com/en/ksiazki/miedzianka/filipspringer.com).


Miedzianka Rudawy Mountains Poland

The entrance to the pre-war restaurant. Miedzianka is a place which will not make any impression on tourists until they learn about its history.

Miedzianka - educational trail

Inhabitants prepared a really interesting educational trail!

Visiting time MIedzianka

On the way to Mniszków – the neighbouring village.

Most interesting educational trail Poland

One of educational boards.

Mniszków Palace

The palace in Mniszków

Miedzianka - Kupferberg

In Miedzianka, you can find the remnants of the old residents everywhere.

Kupferberg Poland

There are no houses, but you can find entrances to cellars.

Miedzianka - what to see

The pre-war restaurant “Black Eagle” (pl. “Czarny Orzeł”), survived until the present times.

Miedzianka - church

The church is a building which according to geologists should already sink into the ground. Below its foundations, there is a labyrinth of adits.

Miedzianka - history of disappearance...

Not everyone will find beauty in Miedzianka. Basically, there is nothing there. Only this aura of mystery and tragedy wafting in the air…

Attractions in the Rudawy Mountains

A trained eye will notice numerous details from times of the town’s prosperity.

Miedzianka in the Rudawy Mountains

Time and nature slowly take several hundred years of man’s work away.

Obelisk in Miedzianka

Former German residents of the town founded the obelisk and a plaque with a sentence engraved in Polish and German “REST IN PEACE. YOU WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN”. The former cemetery was until recently (maybe it still is?) the cow pasture.

View from Miedzianka

The town is/was located on the hill with beautiful views to the Giant Mountains, the Rudawy Mountains and the Katshava Mountains.

Kupferberg (Miedzianka) in 1920

Miedzianka – the archive picture


The history of Miedzianka is sad, but also very intriguing.

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    My grandmother was from this town. She came to Alameda California USA in the late 1800. My wife and I are planning to visit the town even though it’s no longer. Does anyone have any suggestions? She’s replied zero no replies?


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