Museum of Copper in Legnica – the most interesting museum in the city.

Museum of Copper in Legnica directions

Museum of Copper in Legnica

Museum of Copper in Legnica.


  • Monday
  • Tuesday – Friday
    10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Saturday
    11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Sunday


  • the main exhibition of the museum is “Copper in all its guises” divided into topic sections:
    – copper at home
    – copper in a temple
    – copper in art
  • temporary exhibitions (pl) are prepared with exceptional care
  • opening of an interesting exhibition prepared with Museum of Bedtime Cartoons from the times of the Polish People’s Republic in Rzeszów is planned for March 2018
  • the museum makes St Benedict and St Lawrence castle chapel on Piast Castle courtyard and Museum of the Battle of Legnica in Legnickie Pole available to visitors


  • normal ticket 10 PLN / 2,5 €
  • reduced ticket 6 PLN / 1,5 €
  • free admittance: all Saturdays and every first Wednesday of the month, holders of Large Family Card


Visiting Legnica

From the outside.

Copper in art

The “Copper in art” exhibition.

Jeremias Josef Knechtel

The exhibition devoted to works by Jeremias Josef Knechtel (pl) – a Silesian Baroque painter.

Jeremias Joseph Knechtel

The temporary exhibition entitled “Jeremias Joseph Knechtel. Legnica’s painter of the Baroque period”.

Journey of species

The exhibition entitled “Via Regia – the route of the journey of species”. The exhibition was prepared by Senckenberg Museum für Naturkunde from Görlitz.

VIA REGIA - route of journey of species

Mouflons were brought to the Katshava Mountains at the beginning of the 20th century by count von Magnis. At present, you can quite often meet whole herds of these animals, which are rare in Poland, near the road between Dobkow, and Mysliborz.

Copper crocodile

A copper crocodile.

Thanks to Via Regia, that is Jacob’s Route, Poland was the potentate in the production of red dye used for dyeing robes of the noble. The dye came from larvae of Polish cochineal (Dactylopius polonica). Currently, natural dyes are coming back in favour. We invite you to dyeing workshops with natural dyes in the Katshava Mountains.

World of Torun's Gingerbread

The temporary exhibition from 2013 entitled “The World of Torun’s Gingerbread”.

“The World of Torun’s Gingerbread”.

Medieval mint

From the Medieval mint.


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