Mysliborz Gorge – a 4.5 km family stroll with a big dose of knowledge about geology, glaciers and habitats or Small Myślibórz Organs – a thermal joint in basalt.

  • Myślibórz Gorge

    Marked car park nearby
    “Salamandra” Environmental and Local History Education Centre
    Myślibórz 11

Wąwóz Myśliborski dojazd

Mysliborz Gorge

Mysliborz Gorge.


  • open, unguarded place
  • no opening hours


  • the trail begins in the paid car park where you can find camping places and toilets
  • the boards seen on the educational path describe phenomena related to geology, phytosociology and elements of old cultures
  • the possibility of strolling with a pram (pneumatic wheels are neccessary); when strolling with a pram, you should start a loop up, not down, along the way there is a steep 300m downhill by forest path
  • in Jawornik Valley, a hart’s-tongue can be seen, which is a fern rarely seen in Poland
  • the loop of the educational path is 4.5 km of trail through forests (riparian forests, broadleaved forests, acidophilous oak forests) and a meadow with a beautiful view of Lower Silesia Lowland
  • the biggest part of the path is shaded, recommended during heat :-)


  • a trip begins from the same car park as the educational path “Mysliborz Gorge”. However, you have to go back to the Salamandra Educational Centre and go past it
  • you can reach the trail leading to organs from the car park within 15-20 minutes, the trail is poorly marked, the Google Maps app will be useful :-)
  • Mysliborz Organs are volcanic pipes in which basalt joints looking like organs were exposed thanks to pre-war quarries
  • a place slowly grows with greenery


  • PLN 5/car / 1,25 €
  • PLN 20/bus / 5 €


At Mysliborz Gorge.

There is a chestnut alley leading to Mysliborz Gorge.

Small Mysliborz Organs

The Small Mysliborz Organs

Basalt pillars Poland

Basalt pillars at Mysliborz.


Mysliborz near Jawor is located on the border of the Lower Silesia Lowland and the Katshava Foothills already in the Sudetes.

Walking on the Katshava Foothills

The path runs near the reserve.

Mysliborz Palace

The neogothic palace in Mysliborz.

Sericite and chlorite schists

One of the attractions of the educational path – the sericite and chlorite schists outcrop.

Mysliborz Gorge Poland

The large part of the route is suitable for walking with a pram or pushchair. There is also a steep driveway along the path, on wet days, it’s muddy.


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