Observation tower in Gozdno – probably the best viewing point in the Land of Extinct Volcanoes and single track around the hill of Zawadna.

  • Observation tower in Gozdno

    Forest car par
    Gozdno, 59-540 Świerzawa

Observation tower Gozdno - directions, car park

Observation tower Gozdno

Observation tower Gozdno near Swierzawa. On the horizon you can see Ostrzyca Mt., Wielislawka, a part of the Giant Mountains.


  • you need to drive to Gozdno
  • to the car park indicated here, you need to drive by a good gravel road, from the car park, you should walk by a freshly made forest road leading to the top of the hill
  • the tower at the top of the hill Zawadna 442m a.s.l. is visible from afar
  • at the foot of the mountain, there runs a route, see the car park and starting point of the single track in Gozdno. See the remaining single tracks in the Katshava Mountains


Single track Gozdno

The single track route begins and ends at the foot of the hill of Zawadna. See the car park and starting point of the single track in Gozdno. See information on other single track routes in the Katshava Mountains.

Observation tower Polish mountains

It is hard not to notice the observation tower when you drive on the way Swierzawa – Gozdno – Zlotoryja.

Katshava Mountains and Foothills

The view to the south. On the horizon you can see Sniezka in the Giant Mountains, Okole with a new viewing point and the eastern range of the Katshava Mountains.

Tower near Swierzawa Poland

The quality of the tower execution is impressive.

Wilkolak and Zlotoryja

The view to the north. On the horizon you can see the extinct volcano Wilkolak, and Zlotoryja at the foot of the mountain.

Volcanoes in Poland

Are there any extinct volcanoes in Poland? The picture presents Ostrzyca and Grodziec Mt., at the top of which there is a beautiful castle.




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