Okole – volcano lava formations from the ocean floor and viewing point.

  • Okole - viewing point

    Forest car park
    the mountain pass between villages of Lubiechowa and Chrosnica
    59-540 Świerzawa

Okole directions

Okole mountain viewing point Poland

Okole – the mountain top with a neatly arranged viewing terrace and picnic shelter.


  • we arrive at the village of Lubiechowa, and then we go through the whole village
  • at the mountain pass, right by the road on the right side there is a car park which is the starting point for reaching the mountain top
  • there are blue info signs leading to the top and a blue and yellow trail


  • time needed to reach to mountain top is about 30 minutes
  • before or after the trip you can plan a picnic at the car park or at the top of Okole
  • there is a gravel trail leading to the mountain top
  • there is a magnificent 180-degree view from the mountain top to Lysa Mt. in the Katshava Mountains and the Giant Mountains with Sniezka
  • a skilled eye will notice pillow lava formations lava formations from the ocean floor) around Okole, but you will find a definitely more attractive occurrence of this rock formation at Lenno Castle
  • till the end of 2018, the most difficult fragment of the single track in the Katshava Mountains will be completed at Okole Mt.


Okole - trail leading to top

There are blue infor signs leading to Okole mountain top.

Okole Mt. Katshava Mountains Poland

The trail goes through the old spruce forest – recently, largely decimated by deforestation.

Fairytale forest Poland

It feels like a fairytale scenery.

Slow worm Poland

The hill offers an abundance of reptiles and amphibians. The picture presents a slow worm – a legless lizard.

PTTK info signs

PTTK info signs.

View from Okole Mt.

The view from the top. In the foreground, you can see Lysa Mt. in the Katshava Mountains, on the horizon, the Giant Mountains with Sniezka.

Quarry Poland

The view to the operational quarry of limestone in Wojcieszow.


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