Ostrzyca Mt. – the extinct volcano, the icon of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes.

  • Ostrzyca Mt. - the extinct volcano

    Parking leśny
    59-516 Proboszczów

Ostrzyca - dojazd

Wygasłe wulkany w Polsce

Ostrzyca Mt. is extinct volcano, and more precisely, it is volcanic pipe (volcanic neck) from about 5 million years ago.


  • when driving from the village of Sokołowiec in the village of Proboszczów, you should turn left behind the church into asphalt road which becomes the commune gravel road
  • after about 500m, we reach the first car par, we continue driving
  • 100m further, there is the main car park with a well-prepared picnic spot
  • this is where the yellow route leading to Ostrzyca Mt. begins
  • after several hundred metres, we reach the information board, and this is where the irregular basalt stairs leading to the top begin
  • it is possible to climb Ostrzyca Mt. from the village of Bełczyna, from where you go along the green route to the above mentioned information board.


  • reaching the top takes about 30 minutes
  • before or after the trip you may plan a picnic with a bonfire
  • there are several hundred basalt stairs leading to the top, which are very attractive to small children
  • you may admire the great view from the top of Ostrzyca Mt. within a range of 270°
  • on your way up, you pass the unique basalt stone runs in Poland and a rare lime wood forest
  • a keen eye will notice remains of trenches from the Second World War at the foot of the mountain
  • in spring and summer, you may almost always meet rare butterflies, the Old world swallowtails


Kraina Wygasłych Wulkanów

The tower of St. Giles church in Dobków and panorama of Katshava Foothills. In the background, you can see Ostrzyca Mt. 501m above sea level.

Zwiedzanie wulkanów w Polsce

You can go by the gravel road along the beautiful lime wood alley….

Dojście do Ostrzycy

… or walk along the yellow route to the foot of Mountain.

Punkt biwakowy pod wygasłym wulkanem

A picnic spot prepared by the Forest District in Złotoryja. There is plenty of wood for a bonfire around the place :-)

Ostrzyca Proboszczowicka - miejsce na ognisko

Roasting sausages over an open fire after the trip motivates children to climb up the volcano.

Wejście na wygasły wulkan

Ostrzyca Mt. is an easy mountain “to conquer”, prepared also for seniors and families with small children.

Wejście na wygasły wulkan

Several hundred stairs made of basalt stones lead you to the top.

Atrakcje Gór Kaczawskich

A reward for climbing – the beautiful panorama. The view to: Proboszczów, Sokołowiec, Sędziszowa and Świerzawa.

Paź królowej

You may often meet rare butterflies, the Old World swallowtails, at the top of Ostrzyca Mt.

Ostrzyca Proboszczowicka - Śląska Fudżijama

Ostrzyca Mt. is often referred to as the Silesian Fujiyama.

Widok z Ostrzycy

The view from Mountain.

Czy w Polsce są wulkany?

The top of the extinct volcano.

Gołoborza bazaltowe

Basalt stone runs are very rare in Poland.


On the way back. The view to Proboszczów.

Wulkany w Polsce

Is there anyone who doubts that there were volcanoes in Poland?

Wygasły wulkany w Polsce

The view from Dobków to Ostrzyca Mt. The sun is over Wielisławka – the equally interesting volcano, but older from Ostrzyca by 200 million years.

Ostrzyca Proboszczowicka to nazwa rezerwatu

The view from Dobków.


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