Pilchowice Dam – the highest stone dam in Poland

Pilchowice Dam directions

Pilchowice Dam

The hydroelectric power plant on the dam in Pilchowice.


  • there are no opening hours
  • it is an open facility


  • the surroundings of the dam are very picturesque
  • apart from visiting the dam, it is worth to visit also a railway station in Pilchowice and the highest railway bridge in Poland, about 1km from the dam, you can get there by car
  • with a little luck (and invention), you can visit the power plant located at the foot of the dam +48 75 713 69 71
  • there is a tavern next to the dam
  • the history of the Pilchowice Dam construction (pl)


  • you can get to Pilchowice Dam by car through the village of Pilchowice
  • the car park is at the northern part of the dam, in the high season, it is paid


Dam on the Bobr River

The highest dam in the current Poland built of natural stone.

Pilchowice Dam

Pilchowice Dam creates the artificial Pilchowice Lake.

Pilchowice Lake

Pilchowice Lake – the view from Pilchowice Dam.

Pilchowice - the dam on the Bobr River

At the beginning of the 20th century Pilchowice Dam was a great engineering accomplishment. It protects the flood-ridden localities along the Valley of the Bobr River.

Walking trails around the dam in Pilchowice

There is much space around the dam perfect for walking, also for families with prams and pushchairs.

Commemorative plaque at Pilchowice Dam

After the years of propaganda (the so-called recovered territories) we begin to accept the thought that the majority of the Lower Silesia was built by our predecessors. It is similar to the situation with Lviv – it was built by Poles.

Bobertalserre - Pilchowice Dam

Pilchowice Dam just after the completion of its construction in 1915.

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