The Romanesque church of St John the Baptist and St Catherine of Alexandria – one of more important monuments of this epoch in Poland.

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Romanesque church in Świerzawa

The historic church in Świerzawa is one of more important monuments in the Lower Silesia.


  • April – September
    Monday – Thursday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
    Friday – Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • the remaining months: making a reservation by phone is necessary
    +48 75 713 52 73


  • the church does not hold a sacred purpose, it is a secular museum
  • visiting with a guide guarantees the appropriate reception of this unique place
  • you can admire the polichromies unique on the European scale here
  • the virtual walk around the church of St John and St Catherine in Świerzawa, IT’S MUCH RECOMMENDED!


  • normal ticket 5 PLN / 1,25 €
  • reduced ticket 2,50 PLN / 0,5 €
  • there is a free car park and toilets


Worth seeing in Lower Silesia

Before we enter the church in Świerzawa, I invite you to the church tower – a beautiful view to the Land of Extinct Volcanoes awaits us with Ostrzyca Mt..

Świerzawa - Schönau an der Katzbach

The view to the town of Świerzawa. You can see the Eastern Range of the Katshava Mountains, at the foot of which there is Villa Greta.

Romanesque church museum Poland

The view from the tower to the primary school in Świerzawa.

Historic St John church Poland

The view to the church from the old railway bridge.

Historic church of St John and St Catherine interior

The interior of St John the Baptist and St Catherine of Alexandria.

Churches worth visiting in Lower Silesia

You can feel mysterious atmosphere of the Medieval times here.

Most beautiful church in Poland

Historic church in the Katshava Foothills

The entrance to the church of St John and St Catherine.

Historic frescoes Poland

The most precious elements of the church in Świerzawa are the Medieval polychromies presenting animals, among others giraffes and storks.

Church opening hours

The Renaissance tombstone plates.

Historic crucifix in front the church in Świerzawa

The crucifix in front of the church.

Reneissance tombstone plates

The Renaissance tombstone plates.

Entrance gate

The church in Świerzawa is surrounded by a wall with the entrance gate.

Church in Lower Silesia

The church of St John the Baptist and St Catherine of Alexandria is a place you should see when you are in the Katshava Mountains and Foothills.


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