The Shrine Trail – the remainder of the Cisterians in Dobków.

Dobków directions

Shrine trail in Dobków

The beginning of the Shrine Trail in Dobków. At the lower bus stop and at the exit from Dobków to Lipa, there are boards with the map of Dobków and the Shrine Trail. You can get the map of Dobków at most ecomuseum points.



Shrine trail at Ecomuseum of Crafts in Dobków

Green arrows denote the shrine trail on the map of Dobków and in the field. PRINTABLE VERSION 6Mb .pdf

The beginning of shrine trail in Dobków

At the “lower” bus stop (the first one when you drive from Świerzawa), there is a house-shrine (No. 1) and a wayside cross (object No. 2).

Dobków - Shrine Trail

The house-shrine at Kapliczna hill.

View from Kapliczna hill

The view from Kapliczna hill.

Monument commemorating victims of First World War

The monument commemorating victims of the First World War was funded by the pre-war community of Dobków. After the war, firefighters funded the new commemorative plaque which replaced the old one. More about monuments commemorating victims of the First World War [pl].

House-shrine Dobków

One of column shrines.

Shrine at Villa Greta

A wayside cross next to Villa Greta. Together with the shrine above the entrance to the restaurant, they constitute one the the trail points.

Shrines in Sudetes

The last shrine on the trail.

Folk shrines Poland

Apart from shrines and crosses, there are several statues of saints.

Wayside cross Poland

A modest iron cross. Unfortunately, it was impossible to decipher the name of its founder from the sandstone, to which the cross is mounted.

Wayside cross Sudetes

The aforementioned cross in the lower part of Dobków, next to which there is a board No. 2.

St John Nepomucen Poland

Saint John Nepomucen in the autumn plein air. More autumn in Dobków.

Sacred objects Poland

Sacred objects perfectly mingle with the agricultural reality of the village.

Shrine trail signage Poland

The shrine trail is marked with green arrows.

Column shrine Poland

Another example of a column shrine.

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